Why is elux doing this to me?

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  1. So I've finally decided that I'm going to go ahead and do it....I'm going to get the damier speedy I've been dreaming of. The problem now is that eluxury says it's not in stock. I'm going crazy. I've been going back and forth on this for about 2 months now trying to decide which bag I can't live without and whether or not I should spend that much money on something other than rent, tuition, and groceries. You see, I still have one year of school left, but my husband and I are currently interning and I feel like I should reward myself with my new, hard earned money for finding this really great opportunity for both of us before I go back to being a poor student again. My husband totally agrees and has no problem with my potential purchase, but now I'm afraid that if a damier speedy doesn't pop up on eluxury soon, I'll lose my momentum and suddenly become rational again and talk myself out of it. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

    Oh, btw, how often do they restock?
  2. i think someone mentioned that they get LVs all the time. keep checking!!! it will be back on elux soon.

    and yes i think you should reward yourself, especially when your husband agrees!
  3. Don't worry just call 866 vuitton, they will locate one for you and send it to you just like elux does :P
  4. Why dont you just order it from 866 vuitton??
  5. Don't worry! This happened to me also on Sunday night. I finally decided I wanted to buy the Damier Speedy 25 and Elux was all out. But that next morning they had more in stock so I was able to order it. Just give them time. Check back in tomorrow. They update their stock daily!:yes:
  6. Yes, especially something as popular as the Damier Speedy. For their more popular items, I was told that they update daily. AND an SA told me that shopping carts gets cleared every hour, regardless of the amount of items that are held, because its not fair to the other patrons to have something on hold for too long. So check back every so often! It wont hurt to call them to actually see if there are any left in stock, or being held in someone's shopping cart!
  7. I was going to use ****** and take advantage of free shipping, but the $18 or whatever I'd save with ****** isn't really a big deal at all. How much doess 866 vuitton usually charge for shipping?
  8. I got a damier speedy 25 last week. I had to wait for almost a month before I could get it. What I did was I called the store and I asked them to put my name on the waitlist. I gave them my contact details and sure enough, after a few weeks they called and told me that they have it already. If in the meantime you find a damier speedy its also ok to get it since you are not obligated by the store to get the bag if you are on the waitlist, it only means that you have the first priority on the bag. I hope you get your speedy coz its the best bag ever.....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Doesn't 866 Vuitton charge sales tax too (at least in NY)? My plan was to purchase a Mini Lin Speedy via Elux b/c I thought this was the only way to avoid paying sales tax. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it on the website at all & I've been looking for it since Friday.
  10. PS - the Damier Speedy 30 is on Elux right now....
  11. 866 only charges sales tax if there is an LV boutique in the same state.
  12. I tried that lol it is there but in the cart says it is out? Must be an error.
  13. yeah, I see that it's on there, but when you add it to your shopping bag, it says it's out of stock. why would they let me see it if I can't have it? that's just mean!
  14. okay, so now after going through the visual aids thread, I really like the saleya mm a lot too. I have it in my shopping bag right now just in case, but I don't think I want to spend $960 right now on a second choice bag. what do you think? should I wait for the damier speedy to come back/call 866-vuitton or go ahead and spend $340 more than I want to?

    p.s. when I asked my husband, he said, "they look the same." he has so much to learn.
  15. I think you should stick to the one you really want! Saving on shipping is not worth getting a bag you don't love as much!