why is ebay taking so long to show up!!??

  1. I listed something for sale this morning (about 3 hours ago) and it's still not popping up when i do an eBay search for it!! grr. that really ticks me off. :cursing:
  2. Sometimes it can take over 12 hours, it just depends on what it is that you are listing. Certain designer goods can take seemingly forever.
  3. ugh!! 12 hours!!??? geez. i only chose a 5 day listing and they are eating up an entire day. grr, i hate eBay.
  4. Sometimes it takes two days now.
    If you do a search here, you will see that there are several discussions about this.
  5. really!? 2 days? mother effer. i need the $$ now. Ok, i'll do a search to see what others have said. Thanks for your help :smile:
  6. It is a huge pain and seems to apply to high end items particularly - as Gro3602 says we have all ranted about this in the past but alas not one of us has found a way to circumvent the problem . . .
  7. Do you think if i complained they would refund me some of the listing fee or give me a few extra days?? i only did a 5 day listing for a bbag and by the time it shows it will be like 3 days left. I need it to sell. :sad:

  8. Haha , I complained several times. You know what they told me??!!
    "Good news!! You can chose to have your auction listed at a specific time! etc etc"

    In other words, if it's going to take two days to show, select your auction to start 48 hours from when you list it.

    Gotta love eBay!
  9. ugh!! serious!?:cursing: well, i wrote them and i'm waiting for a reply. My auction is still not showing up. grrr. ebay :yucky:

  10. Then if you do this they charge you an extra 10 cents!

    Did you edit your listing? Thats the only time it seems to take a while for me.
  11. I listed 5 designer bags this/last week & each took exactly 8 hours to show up~
  12. I am such a newbie selling on Ebay, the first couple of auctions were designer bags/shoes and it took about 8 hours for it to show, but when I listed my clothes it showed up right away.
  13. You can revise your item and switch it to a 7 day to make up for the time lost. It doesn't cost a thing, but the delay is annoying.
  14. i listed several things within minutes of each other, and some showed up right away, while others took almost a day. the stuff that showed up right away were random things, while the stuff that took forever were handbags. so maybe that's it. :confused1:
  15. I think it's the designer handbags that get the most grief.
    I also think it's random!