Why is common courtesy, not so common?

  1. I know we have had rants lately about lack of thank you notes and verbal thank you's, which drives me batty.....

    But lately I have had a rash of no return phone calls, personal and professional. People don't respond to e-mails and pms, and the topper I had a person ask me for mentor help, we set up a time and thank goodness, I called to confirm our meeting tonight, when the girl said...."oh, I am so glad you called, I completly forgot, I can't make it! " :cursing: If I hadn't called she would have she would have stood me up!

    I know we all get busy, me too....but even if it takes me a day or 2, I always respond.

    What is wrong with people?
  2. Ahh..yeah I understand what you're saying totally.
    seems like those people only think about themselves :/
    I've had stuff like this happen to me off and on but I just ignore them back if they do so. cannot be bothered with selfish people.
  3. Sign of the times.....people are just getting too rude to condsider others feelings. Its a shame!
  4. Although its harsh, I have to agree with this.. some people are more considerate than others, thank god for them.. but, I cant stand when you take time out of your day for others and they dont reciprocate
  5. People are getting to be more ignorant. Was this a young person btw? because imo its starting to become hopeless.
  6. I work on fundraising events and we always have an RSVP date. Ineveitably, almost half the people "forget" and call within days or last minute to ask, "can I still attend?" They know that we have to plan and have a count and get charged if we overestimate. Do they care? No! It is so inconsiderate and just very frustrating. Of course these are the same people who don't volunteer to help but wonder why we don't have more events.
  7. It is so frustrating! I hate it. Just a little common courtesy...what does it take...two minutes tops? I've come to the conclusion that it's both an untaught skill to our next generation and a direct result of everyone being too busy for their own good.
  8. People are self absorbed and unfortunately our culture rewards that behavior, so it perpetuates.
  9. I have no idea! I actually get kind of upset when people don't respond to my emails, especially when they are personal emails. I have a friend that I have had for about 7 or 8 years. We lost touch before I moved to Germany (April 2006) and I emailed him in May to let him know what was going on and then after we found out we were pregnant to let him know what was going and just to give a friendly update, but...no response. *sigh*

    I think I will try one more time with this friend, and then if I don't get a response, I'm done.
  10. As a byproduct of our dependence upon technology. We are limited in our inter-personal skills, as well as we are also dependent for day to day tasks to the point we are limited in our own scheduling and what not.
  11. ITA..
  12. ditto to that! :push:
  13. Fairly young, but def old enough to know better, late 20's...I am really trying to teach my kids not to be this way. Very hard, especially the 18 year olds...I nag and nag and nag him, but figure maybe someday it will become second nature to him.....and I especially point out how frustrating it is when he is waiting for a call or e-mail back.
  14. My pet peeves are.... When someone bumps into you they do not even bother to say excuse me. And the other one is is almost the opposite when you are trying to pass someone and you say excuse me and they just stand there and have that blank look on their face like huh and don't move.

    And of course when people don't say please and thank you.
  15. They are totally selfish, disorganized and/or forgetful. Our individualistic society is getting out of control.