Why is chloe sooooo addicting?

  1. I've been heavily contemplating about this. I just love Chloe. I mean, the heels are sooooo comfortable, but the bags are totally addicting!!! I bought a silverado a little over a month ago, followed by a paddy, and then another paddy and a betty... all within a little bit over a month. I'm seriously addicted. I don't think it'll stop there either.

    For me, i'm a die hard fan of hardware and that padlock, :love: I just love it!!!!!!! It's to the point of me giving up a few of my other bags to get more Chloe. LOL

    Do any of you feel this way? And why are you addicted to Chloe???
  2. I bought 7 Paddys in 3 months. While affordability is not an issue, I am addicted; I don't know why :sad:

    I am also addicted to Balenciagas. 7 in 2 months, within the same time frame as my Paddys. Someone help me! :crybaby:

    On a happier note... Hermes doesn't do anything for me! :P
  3. Roxane , i sooo envy you :crybaby:
    especiality the part with affordability is not an issue :P
  4. I have an addiction of sorts. However, my bank account stops me at a point. It's probably a good thing or goodness knows how many bags I would have.
  5. I've just posted this on the multiple bag thread:
    :yes: At the beginning of the year, my work colleague and fellow baglady decided that we would ditch our fakes and concentrate on the IT bags which we'd always loved but never owned. So out went all the Birken/Balenciaga-style bags and assorted other real bags that I hadn't used in a while (sorry Marni, Loewe & al, but they've gone to good homes). Thank goodness for eBay. When I had enough saved up I splurged on the large Paddington hobo/shoulder bag in Kaki. My next purchase was a coconut Mulberry Roxanne (which I haven't used yet) and more recently a Medium Paddy in Tan. You betcha that I want to get another Paddington - they're positively addictive! I was in the Chloe shop yesterday and the SA showed me the swatches for the new Fall colours. Rouge is a gorgeous rich warm red that will give Grenat a run for her money but Jade really caught my eye. But then I picked up the Mousse and it really went with the outfit I was wearing at the time: dark grey jeans, a striped Whistles top with purple, jade and khaki stripes and pale Khaki military style jacket with silver buttons. Decisions decisions…

    IMO The Paddington is so well designed. I love all that hardware too and the rugged stitching and of course that wonderful leather. I've never seen a design that works so well in different colours. Black is the only colour that doesn't do it for me. :yes:
  6. I think that it is one of the very few bags, where even when you buy the same style in a different colour, it almost looks like a different style. Chloe are also very clever. The clothes (whilst devine) are so expensive, that the accessories seem affordable in comparison. It feels like you are buying a very expensive quality item for a good price. Of course, in reality the bags are still very expensive! but its all comparitive and keeps the Chloe label exclusive and luxurious at the same time. I just wonder if they did not luck out with Pheobe. It has certainly ensured that for Chloe it is "their time". Now they need to keep up with the sumptious leathers and styles to keep us interested :yes: . For now, My love affair with Chloe is still high :graucho:
  7. :roflmfao:
    Wow! What colors of your paddys do you own? Post pics.
  8. There is definitely something about Chloe bags. I joined this board back in May when I was thinking about getting a Paddington. Then I learned about Ediths and Bettys and had to have one of each. I love the character and color of each one of my Chloe bags. I am sure I will want more!
  9. I think the medium paddy satchel is the perfect size and a very unique, useful shape with it's secure main zipper pocket plus two large outter pockets for drop'n'go items. It's also priced out of the main-stream market, making it an
    eye catcher for sure.

    Couple that with the myriad color choices and we have a recipe for addiction!! :smile:

    ... I am on the hunt for a blanc and hoping for the rouge for Christmas.
    ... I am also thinkiing I need the taupe
  10. oh, and to add.
    when it first came out, I HATE THIS PADDY bag. because i think it's more to shape than functionality. especialy the heavy padlock, it is way too heavy for just an aesthetic. i love silverado style more, and edith.
    BUT just last week, when i saw an orange paddy IRL, i can't believe i'm started to fall in love with this. i think i want one.
  11. Chloe just oozes casual class to me - from their bags to their clothes...love it all~
  12. They're definitely addictive:nuts: I have bought 3 paddingtons in 4-5 months; taupe medium satchel, large satchel in tan and my latest is craie loaf + a paddington wallet :smile: I'm trying to convince my self this is enough but I've been eyeing other paddys with hunger...!! :angel:
  13. Where did you find the taupe?
  14. Janice I bought it from Luisaviaroma.com - but I'm afraid it might be sold out there now :/
    The taupe was actually my first paddy that started my craze :heart: :heart:
  15. Thanks, I will check it out.