Why is CHANEL handbags very expensive?

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  1. I find chanel handbags are very high in price, it's unrealistic with this increasing prices!

    I can hardley find a chanel leather handbag which cost between like 1500-1700.

    In other brands there a veriety of prices i guess, so a person is likely able to purchase.

    Hmmm, i don't know but i kinda feel guilty paying like $1900 for a handbag:s

    But perhaps, if i had lots lots of money i would't feel the guilt:nogood:
  2. I guess no one here care's about it!

    So, everyone here do buy a handbag they like,not caring about the price.

    Propably, most people in this blog are wealthy, so the money thing is not a big issue:beach:
  3. Not everyone is wealthy , trust me,:cursing::crybaby: but we all share a passion for Chanel! I know the prices are getting outrageous and I cant belive what I spend for some bags, but we are buying classic bags that have a history, the CC label is a very well know fashion house and of course we buy into the name. It is a choice I make, at least I feel better knowing my bags are good classics and not to trendy, so I can use them for years, Welcome to TPF:smile:
  4. NONE of us LIKE the price increases....I guess we are just used to them...I fing it very difficult spending alot on one bag.ALSO..ALot of us sell our older bags to fund the new ones....
  5. I had read an article in a magazine (a few years back) about the making of a Chanel bag, it takes a few days to hand stitch (not hours) hand polish the hardware, interwinded the leather thru the chains etc.., plus the leather are in most cases very expensive and superb quality, Chanel factories are in France and some bags are also made in Italy (versus others brands that are made in China or elsewhere) they are not mass produced therefore it takes more time to make just ONE bag. In other words Chanel will last you many years versus a mass produced bag that will rip apart in months.
  6. Aside from being hand stitched, I'll admit, I like Chanel because it isn't freakishly popular like say, LV, where I live. I like the fact that it is timeless and always elegant... even the more "edgy" lines have that touch of class to them which I really love.

    To be perfectly honest, while I can't say that I "like" the fact that the bags are typically $2000+, I love the bags themselves and I'm willing to pay for what I like. I don't feel guilty because it is my money. My husband and I both have well paying jobs, no debt and fashion is a passion for me. We all have our priorities and it happens that Chanel is one of mine.
  7. That's so not true, a lot of us here work hard to get our bags, in regards to myself I'm a full-time student working part-time to make my money to buy handbags.
  8. I like the fact that Chanel bags (the classics, which is what I plan to stick to) are timeless and do not depreciate. I think this is why I like Chanel and Hermes so much. They are not trendy....when I'm older, I will still have the "it" bag. And they have a great resale price.
  9. I dont like the price increases but I guess the high price does make it even more exclusive to own and much less commonly seen.
  10. This is why i get people to open accts so i can get 10% bags!
  11. Not all of us here are wealthy, but we all share the same passion - CHANEL. I agree with the other TPF'ers here; I don't like LV anymore because everyone has them including fake ones. I can't stand knowing that one person may question the authenticity of my bag, just as I do when someone is using a freakishly fake LV bag. It's kinda annoying. Plus, they make fakes now so well that it's hard to discern which is real and which isn't. Anyway, with Chanel, it is about the name, history, and exclusivity. I like knowing that when I get older, my bags are always going to be in style. Even my mom's vintage bag has survived and is now in my possession. :wlae::roflmfao::yahoo:
  12. It's timeless, classic and becoming more exclusive due to price increase. I purchase my first classic bag for $900 about 20 years ago and I'm still using it now once in a while. But I think 2 big price increases in a year is not justifiable even it's timeless and classic. I'm just pissed with the price increase. It's totally outrageous.
  13. i also feel guilty for spending so much on bags that's why Im trying to unload some of my old ones plus I take into consideration that i can pass on my bags to my 2 daughters. trust me, im not rich and I work to earn that bag... well, some of it were given by my dad and hubby.
  14. If you do not feel that it's worthwhile to pay so much for a purse you can choose not to, it's purely personal preference, it has nothing to do with whether we are wealthy or not, I am sure a lot of us here are buying Chanels with our hard earn money, we love the brand, and the history behind it... I am happy that I found Chanel...

    And if you are talking about US$, yes there are leather Chanel purses below 1500.... caviar clutch, PST...
  15. I agree with IceEarl. i am not wealthy but I would prefer alot on one Chanel bag then buy 2-3 bags for the same price which are not as well made and llok out of date shortly. My Chanels will last forever and that is the price I have to pay.
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