Why is BV STILL so under the radar?!

  1. :smile: I'm catching on some threads on a glorious bay area Sunday afternoon. I just started going to Jazzercize with my DH - yup DH has been really hooked for years and now he has me hooked, too. I take my BVs to Jazzercise without any trepidation, including my Violet satchel. I use a large Herve Chapelier tote for lugging my work out gear. Today I carried my Large Nero Belly Veneta to Jazzercise. My BVs never hit the floor - I always place them on top of the HC tote.
  2. BV is not that under the radar in a big city....but it's never ostentatious.
  3. It's more like omnipresent where I lived. You can still spot BVs here and there; not everywhere.

    If there's one guarantee about BV, most BV owners truly :heart: and admire BV. Besides being a simple brand, one has to truly love the weaving or otherwise, no matter how "under the radar" is, those who adore understated bags will still not buy, imho.
    There are many brands today that rolled out "understated bags".
  4. I am still very shy and conscious about carrying luxury or designer bags to work or with people I hardly know, who hasn't got a clue to my spending habits. As such, I always fall back on my BVs and feel safe in knowing that I am not flaunting my bags in their faces because BV bags are so unstated and yet I feel great about their quiet luxury whenever I use them.
  5. While I was at my hairdresser's yesterday for a quick bang trim, a woman exclaimed not once, but twice (pretty loudly too) how much she loved my bag (baseball caramel hobo).

    I just smiled and said thank you and quickly left; I didn't want to get into a discussion of where did I get it, who makes it, etc. Under the radar works for me, but these bags do draw attention to themselves.
  6. There is a Chanel girl I meet frequently. She asked me to resale my LVs, Chanels, Guccis whenever she saw me carry them. Until recently, I started to carry a lot of BVs. She complimented my bag and asked for the brand. She had no clue, which was fine for me. I'm happy with the BVs position.

    In my city, it depends on where you go. I always spot BVs at my sport club or large department stores but less than Hermes, Chanel or LVs. However, those ladies look sophisticated which is the way I want to be.
  7. i like that it is not well known, the best luxuries are the exclusive ones.
  8. I just bought my first BV, after ignoring them for years. There are so many badly done and bad quality woven leather bags around that I think they put me off the idea.

    But that all changed when I wandered into a big BV store just for something to do, and actually felt the quality of the Intrecciato bags. I'd been wanting a bag that was just a soft pile of leather, & fell in love with a gorgeous warm grey shoulder bag.

    I love the way there is absolutely no hardware on this bag. I have LV and Balenciaga Giant bags with enough metal on them to sink a ship, and I love them too, but BV is a totally different mood.