why is b-bags more expensive in some parts of the world?

  1. i have been told that b-bags are more expensive in italy, and i know they cost a few hundred dollars more in singapore, hong kong, and australia compared to the USA?

    if bal is european, why are they more expensive in italy...?

    and why do they have such a good price in the US? market size?
  2. With regards to Australia, the markup in is outrageous... usually AU$500 more than US retail on bags.

    It could have something to do with supply and demand...?

    Or Customs being paid by boutiques to bring them into the country to begin with. They then have to sell them for more to make up for it?

    Whatever the case, it is veeeeeeery annoying :cursing:
  3. same here in singapore. about S$500 more too! a first is over S$2000 here (i think exchange rate is about 1 to 1.6). but at times i would just buy here because i can't bear the anxiety over fighting for a particular bag over in the US :p
  4. wow, I had no idea it was that much more expensive in other countries. I am wondering the same thing about the prices now.
  5. we don't have official balenciaga store here, but there's 2 high end boutiques that sells balenciaga. and both boutiques have different pricing.

    in one of the store, they sell the city for 1500$

    and we also don't have chanel, but one consignment store here sells the original coco cabas for 2500$, the retails is 1795$ without tax.

    but for LV, we have the official stores here, and the price is fluxtuative depens on the currency that day.
    it's still a little more expensive than in US though.

    HONGKONG is cheaper in most countries because the government is smart enough to put a tax free on designer goods.
    so most people from other asian countries shop there.

    i heard italy had hig taxes too, so does japan who i believe to have the HIGHEST price.
  6. How does the price of a Bbag compare in Paris? I know LV is cheaper in Paris...
  7. I'd be interested in hearing experiences of girls who bought bbags in Germany as well; I just moved here and would hate to know the cost has increased majorly!
  8. European prices are usually higher because of VAT, which is roughly 18%, if I'm not mistaken. Now, I've not bought Bbags from any of the European retailers, but I wonder if VAT is deducted if shipping to the US... Would someone who's purchased from LVR be able to clarify? Of course, there's the question of Customs Duties once the item enters the US...
  9. I think it is generally cheaper to buy your bbag in europe because of the detaxe and of course, these are considered local items already. With regards to other countries, if depends on the tax levied on such items. And these are luxury goods, I will not be surprised if the tax levied is very high. Hong Kong on the other hand is a tax free country. Anything imported is not taxed, so logically, it will cheaper there.
  10. In my country, its over USD 1,562.00 for a city
  11. I know Australia charges some kind of tax only to residents. It is 10% I think. So if you buy outside of there, you get that 10% deducted from the price.

    Maybe it also had to do with currency exchange rates.
  12. actually, the balenciaga bags is really very expensive here in singapore as compared in US. My frnd bought a twiggy bag from the balenciaga singapore store. It can be like S$600 more.....probably the range is not that as popular as in US...that's why they marked up the price so much higher.......:greengrin: :greengrin:
  13. its a little crazy in the uk too... a first is £675 gbp which is around $1335 usd!!!!!!! Due to a strong £! It is actually cheaper for me to buy from Europe and have them sent it to me as I dont have to pay customs from Europe! Its just a case of finding what I want and in a different language.
    Evilarchitect: Germany prices I think are the same as Paris ,pretty good and you can always source from other European countries with no import duties, good luck!!!
  14. Monsoon, the VAT is deducted if they ship to the U.S. (but of course you pay customs here).

  15. I paid for my aqua work 1032 euro in Paris :wlae: so i say around 1350$ ....so i guess the price is not bad ...how much does work cost in US ? :confused1: