Why is Azur so scarce in the summer?

  1. I stopped by LV Bloomingdale's here in SF today and asked about when Azur Saleyas might be coming in. The SA I talked to, possibly the manager, told me something like "they aren't making them right now" or whatever. I told him that I know the line is permanent, and asked why would they not sell a light-colored canvas in the summer, esp one that was so wildly popular?

    So what I want to know is: is he full of crap? And have any of you spied any Azur Saleyas on the shelves recently?

    I know they had inventory problems with this line six months ago, but I thought that was all cleared up by now.
  2. buy on eluxury, they have them in all the time.
  3. Isn't this the first summer that azur has been out?
    Maybe they are just flying off the shelves or something....
    I got my speedy on eluxury after several weeks of late night stalking.
    Good luck!
  4. I have been checking eLux regularly and they only have the GM and occasionally the MM. I think it's just that the PM is most popular in the Azur. I dunno what the deal is. But I find it hard to believe that they "stopped making them" for the summer. I don't think this guy knew what he was talking about.
  5. Now that you mention it, I haven't seen the azur saleyas in the boutique recently. When I was on the mad hunt for an azur Speedy, I saw them all the time but now, not so much. Maybe they really are having production problems?
  6. ^^Either that or he was just lazy to check for you! :rolleyes:

    I've seen the PM and the GM at my Neiman's, and I'm pretty sure at my LV store too!
  7. No, he checked on the computer and located a few around the country and in Canada. I am wary of that if a store only has one or two -- that they might be display items or returns or something. I want one fresh from the factory! :smile:

    Oh well, I can wait. I am pretty patient. But I would be bummed to get my summer bag when summer is halfway over.
  8. they're on the shelves at my boutique (SCP)
  9. Perhaps LV is really having production problems. The new Azur Berkeley bag was supposed to be launched first in May, then June, then July, and now tentatively November. It's unusual because this new bag is featured prominently in their Le Voyage catalog and it won't be released for many months yet.

    I hope you find an Azur Saleya PM soon!! Good luck!
  10. I strongly suggest you check the new arrivals section of LV at eluxury. Everyday in that section I see Azur speedys and saleyas. Check morning, noon and night....the only time they might be hard to find in new arrivals is during free shipping promos.
  11. Att he beginning of this year I was on the waitlist for my Azur 25 at both the LV Boutique and Holt Renfrew.

    I got my Azur Speedy 25 for the LV Boutique back in February, but I STILL haven't been called by Holt Renfrew! :wtf:
  12. OMG so literally two hours after the last time I checked and didn't see anything, the Azur Saleya PM showed up in eLux!

    I pounced! Free shipping! yay!
  13. CONGRATS!!! Yahoo!
  14. Yahoo for you!!
  15. the PM size is soooo hard to find, I even asked a seller on eBay to get me one from the store(she told me it's out of stock all over HK), I have 1 in my cart now, waiting for my friend to get up and buy it for me.... fingers crossed