Why I'm grinning like the mad hatter I am..

  1. :yahoo:
    I only went into the store to report back for another thread, and next thing I know I'm walking out with a chanel in tow! I wouldn't have normally have bought this little chanel, but I couldn't say no to the price. Even though its more of a fun summer going out bag. I was thinking of buying the wallet in this print, but I don't know why, maybe its because I'm burning up from a fever and the shopping bug but I bought it and its here to stay! I figure this will tide me over a bit more till I take the plunge and buy a more expensive one. Till then here it comes as it uploads!:flowers:
  2. Now should I do the infamous strip or let it all out at once..:graucho:
  3. I'm curious to see this, just because I need a fun summer going out bag too! :yes:
  4. Oh no, not another waiting in anticipation thread... Please show!!!!
  5. You all are killing me!! I am an instant gratification kind of a gal!! Stop this right now!!
  6. C'mon Already!!!!
  7. ......quick quick quick.. O-PEN-IT.. O-PEN-IT
  8. omg .... what's in there ?:wlae:
  9. What is it??????????
  10. Pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics?! :hysteric:
  11. LOL, it's been 2 hours. Show us that bag!!!
  12. :angel:
  13. Okay girls here it is, it's not much, but I finally have a Chanel to call my own!:heart:
  14. That is really cute!!!

    aarti, can you tell us what the retail is and if the bag comes in other colors?

    Thanks and enjoy!
  15. cute bag!!! i love that print!! Congrats!!!