why I'm done with Hayden Harnett

  1. So, I have been a huge HH fan for quite some time, have amassed a pretty large collection (at least to me, about 95% of my bags are HH and I have over 20 of them... too scared to actually go count... not including accessories, shoes, and clothing). I am mostly a lurker here, but I wanted to post this as (mostly) 1. a rant and 2. a bit of a reminder to check up on your returns with HH. After I work out this credit situation with customer service, I think I will be done with them.

    Basically, before christmas, I ordered a bag online. Of course, in HH style, I had no idea when it was coming, so it arrived while I was away on my honeymoon, I didn't get to see it til after I had dug it out from under gifts, did not like it. By this time, I was over their 30 day return policy, but as per the website, they would choose to accept returns at their discretion. I emailed, explained that I didn't get to the bag til too late, asked if I could still return it. They said go ahead, I would get a merchandise credit for the full amount and issued me an RMA.

    I should stop here and say that I used a groupon on this purchase, but did not mention this specifically in my email, I "replied" to my order confirmation with my order number so that they would have the details of my order. I didn't feel I needed to reiterate every detail of the order since it was in their system. By the time I sent back the return the groupon expired (which I guess is a point of contention, but in my opinion, a groupon should be like cash. Once I make that purchase, the full price of the item is in the item itself).

    I packed up the bag and shipped it off in early December. No word from them, but with holidays, I got distracted and didn't realize that I hadn't heard from them. At the end of January, over a month after sending the item, I emailed customer service to enquire about whether they had received the item? The reply I received?

    "We received your return on the 13th of December. Unfortunately at that time the groupon you used for the purchase had expired, and we cannot refund expired groupons, so that is the reason why you did not receive a credit back.

    We are sorry for the confusion. "

    Ahem. So... wait.. they received my item, decided not to refund me, and just didn't bother to tell me? If I hadn't checked up on my return, I would have heard nothing at all from them. They took my money (or groupon, as it were) and the item back and that was that. Case closed.

    I have been back and forth with customer service about this and they have offered me and 85 dollar store credit for the item. The purchase price of the item (again, paid with the groupon) was 165.

    I am beyond frustrated with them and haven't even been able to deal with it for a while because it makes me mad. After I clear this up, I am done with the company. I have, in the past, recommended them to many friends and family who have admired my bags, but especially in the last two years, I have to add "caveats" to my recommendations, telling them that they might not ship on time, they have weird issues with gift certificates, the prices fluctuate like crazy, and they have wait times. I can't ask for gifts anymore of hayden harnett because I worry that my friends and family will be stuck in CS hell with them. I think I will be happy with my 20+ bags for now, and in the future, may only buy secondhand.

    Anyhow, sorry for the ramble, but I am really frustrated. Lesson to all, don't forget to check on your returns or exchanges. If you don't check up on it, they might not do anything about it for you.
  2. :sad:
    I hope you get a resolution that you are satisfied with.
  3. Me too! What a total drag.
  4. Ugh, sounds like the bad old days. I can relate to your frustration and really hope HH will work with you to find a reasonable solution.

    On a happier note, congrats on your wedding!
  5. Sounds like a semi-complicated situation but I think you should have been issued a credit for $165.
  6. Thanks for the support guys (and the congrats!). I actually received a PM from Toni so I will see what is going to happen. I love these bags, nothing out there like 'em... I was really frustrated... anyhow, I'm sure some of you can relate.
  7. Yes, it's frustrating. Please take my comment in a positive way - I hope you can appreciate that your timeliness, or lack thereof, also contributed to the situation. If Toni and you cannot come up with a mutually beneficial resolution, you can always go back to Groupon and ask for their assistance.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.....and yes, congrats on the wedding!!!
  8. Weren't the Groupons half off? Have you tried asking them to refund half the amount so you at least wouldn't be any worse off? I'm not positive how Groupon works, but if it's like other discounts like this I've seen is that the company gets paid when the Groupon is redeemed before the deadline, so I believe HH would have gotten some money from Groupon since you redeemed prior to the deadline, so you should at least get something, but they would not have received the full purchase price you paid. I hope you can work out something fair for both sides.
  9. It sounds like HH actually offered to refund more than the price paid for the Groupon. She paid $75 for the Groupon and they offered her $85 in credit. It doesn't seem like their was overage since the item was $165. I understand the frustration, but Blammy has a good point and after expiration the Groupon is only worth what you paid for it.
  10. I agree with Pae - complicated situation and timeline but credit due should be the price paid inclusive of Group*on = $165.

    dcblam - HH has never been known for their timeliness or communication either, eh?

    Hope it all works out for OP.
  11. It's so strange. I contacted HH to find out how to use my expired groupons for the paid price and they told me they weren't worth anythign anymore. Groupon's site says they are able to be used for $75, since that is what I paid, but HH customer service said I can't.
  12. Can you all get your $$ back from Groupon?
  13. I got a refund for all of mine from Groupon a while back (After my Storm Blue Havana was canceled I got all irate and swore off HH). Except the refund was in the form of Groupon credit. I had hundreds of dollars in credit. I used a lot of it on Groupon Now for lunches and took a few classes for different things. I still have a lot left though.
  14. Mishka - hopefully groupon can reimburse you.
  15. Thanks! I will try that.