Why I wont be shopping online at small boutiques anymore

  1. Note: Only pertains to online shopping!

    I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. LOL, understatement of the year! But seriously, I have done a lot of shopping, and have bought from Nordies, Bloomies, NM, Shoplanguage, Karizma, Revolve, Zappos, Endless, and more.

    While NM and Bloomies can work on their CS, I have not yet encountered a situation where they wont try to rectify a problem if it arises. I.e. defective bag, missing dust covers, price adjustments etc.

    Recently, I purchased a Rebecca Minkoff bag from shoplanguage that came to with nearly 15 scratches on the leather. Appalled, I called them and was told that the item was FINAL SALE, no ifs, ands, or buts, and there were no scratches on the bag when it left them, and so...........yeah. It must have been all in my imagination. I will be calling the manager tomorrow.

    At Karizma, I ordered two Botkier Biancas in Cherry, one large and one medium. The large came to me without Karizma tags, botkier tags, dustcover... nothing and in addition to all that, a scratch on the front. I called them and was told that the item is not supposed to have tags, its brand new, blah blah. This would be my 5th botkier, and I have never received one without tags, dustbag, etc. Besides the other Botkier I ordered from Karizma came with everything it was supposed to and was in perfect condition. After asking to speak with the owner, she just made me feel really guilty for wanting to exchange the item. She supposedly wouldnt and couldnt be getting any more in, and if I wanted to return it even though she special ordered it justttt for meee, I could ship the bag back BUT I would have to PAY FOR IT OUT OF MY OWN POCKET.

    Ya know, Ive always loved shopping with the little guys. Both of my parents owned and still own small businesses while I was growing up. I almost feel I have a sense of duty to frequent the smaller shops...and hey when theyre having great sales like recently, why not? LOL

    BUT, when I am made to feel guilty or crazy over a defective item I receive, is where and when I draw the line.

    PS: This only pertains to online shopping. If I am near a boutique where prices are reasonable and I can touch and feel the bag, then I would be happy to shop there. But if I buy online and recieve crap products and have to go through HURDLES to get my money back....O dunno...I feel like thats something different altogether.

    PPS: Zappos, Endless, and Shopbop have some of the GREATEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! The ladies at shopbop are great and it is now my favorite go to place for handbags, clothing, and accessories.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I personally just don't like the smaller boutiques. Ebay is even more trustworthy because you have protection through PayPal, Ebay and the feedback system.

    Sorry to hear about your bags. Did you get a good deal on them or something? I thought the Cherry Biancas were new. Unless an item is an amazing deal, I don't plan on buying from small boutiques so I don't blame you.
  3. wow - sorry to hear about your experience....
  4. I can totally relate to what you're going through. Revolve sent me a dirty, used bag which they represented as new. Needless to say, it went back. What is it about these small, online boutiques? Don't they realizes forums like this exist, and that people are aware of how shoddily they treat their customers? If I were you, I would contact your credit card company about the possibility of doing a chargeback if the CS people won't budge. Or perhaps contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint?
  5. That's awful. Thanks for the warning. Good deals aren't always as good as they appear I guess.
  6. I'm so sorry! I totally sympathize as I have also had similar feelings:sad:
  7. That's too bad. I'd like to give some business to the little guys, but it is the customer service (or lack thereof) that makes me nervous. I kind of would have expected them to have better customer service (more personal business), but surprisingly enough, that's not the case usually...
  8. Wow, thats bad!

    What would you guys rate as the best online boutiques though? Has anyone bought from net-a-porter etc?
  9. sorry u had a bad experience
  10. Sorry that you had such a bad experiece - I guess I will be more mindful about my online purchases as well. But I have bought from Delcina and Adasa, and they are excellent - no problems whatsoever.
    Speaking of scratches, I left my brand-spanking new HH Currant Nico on the floor after I came home from going out - and then I was in my room wandering about when I accidently kicked the bag with my toenail - I got a SCRATCH! I almost cried! OMG
    Sorry for sidetracking - but OMG I got a scratch on my Nico!
  11. I'm so sorry you had a terrible experience with the online shopping. Online shopping is risky enough without you have to put up with half ass CS. I'll keep these places in mind when it comes time for me to purchase anything from them.
  12. Hey, I totally understand what you all are saying here, but not all small internet boutiqes are risky to shop with, or shoddy with their CS. Just read/ask for their policies before you buy. For example, can you get a full refund if you dont like how the product looks upon arrival? Are there any restocking fees? What happens if the bag needs service after its used? Etc. I own an online store, and I take GREAT care of my customers. (IMO!)
  13. I don't like small boutique's return policies in general - Nordstrom is the BEST service EVER in my opinion also.
  14. i understand your frustration and that's why i only shop in large retail store online. Not only it makes returning much easier, I have peace in mind knowing that if something does appear defective, i can exchange/return the stuff.
  15. I had a similar bad customer service experience with one of the 2 boutiques mentioned by the original poster. I bought 2 pairs of boots online and paid with a credit card. Several days later, an SA called to tell me they only had one pair in stock after all and were shipping. I received that one pair, and waited patiently for a credit to appear. I then sent several emails to customer service, about once a week, with all relevant info., asking for the credit to be issued, since I never got the merchandise and they knew it. I tried calling and leaving a message once, but my call was never returned. I never got so much as one response, taking any position at all or offering any justification. I finally had to get my refund by disputing the charge through my CC. I understand how small boutiques work, and I even get the returns for store credit only sort of restrictive policies. But why sell online and then have such a nonexistent level of CS that you won't rightfully refund $ for merchandise you were unable to deliver? A few credit card cycles is also a generous amount of time to get it together, check your records, and give a refund.