Why I take a loss on selling my bags

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  1. I was on Ebay for many years before paypal.During that time period I sold my personal purses or other high end designer items to buyers who paid with checks or money orders.When paypal became required thats when all the scammers got busy. I sold a beautiful limited edition Gucci bag I had never carried at 50 % loss because the buyer had excellent feedback and I felt OK that the purchase would go OK.She ended up being OK but it was still a long ordeal After that I decided to use a consignment store I had a brand new limited edition LV bag that I sold for 50% of its purchase price The online consignment site sold that bag for the retail price I paid. But I had no worries about being ripped off or losing the bag and money.
    I think the newest Ebay policies will encourage more dishonest buyers.

    I feel bad that my taste changed and I spent money and got so little back but with all the scammers and such out there maybe thats the only way to avoid the constant ripoffs people are experiencing

    The only downside is you get much less for your bags than what they could sell for if you sell directly

    Any opinions on if the risk is worth the extra money in your pocket
  2. Ok so wait, I guess I don't understand what you are saying. Basically you are saying that the only honest buyers out there are only willing to pay way less than the bag is worth?? :confused1:
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    ^ I think she's trying to say that, due to having to accept PP and the changes in eBay policy encouraging scammers, she feels she might as well consign her bags - as she got about 50% for them, whether she sold them herself, or not and that consigning was less of a headache?

    Then she's, obviously, saying that you get less for the bags if you consign, so maybe I got the first bit wrong?! :shrugs:

    I always say that if you're time rich, but money poor, sell your own bags (assuming you think you have the energy and the patience to do a good job, of course!); but if you're money rich and time poor (and/or can't be bothered!), consign. :yes:
  4. I think she means that consignment is safer than ebay...it is. Is it worth having less money in pocket? Not for me...I'll take my chances. I don't use ebay much anymore. I much prefer Bonanzle.

    eta- was writing when chole posted... :smile:
  5. ^ :biggrin:

    I think vintage is right, in that, one might well assume that there would be little difference between what one could get as a private seller and what a consignor could get for one; but that may not be the case and if the consignor can get considerably more, one might be left with almost as much, for far less hassle. :yes:
  6. Ahhh ok. Sometimes the bird brain fails me - now I think I get what she meant, thanks. :P

    Piece of mind always comes at a price - you just have to decide what you are willing to pay. ;)
  7. because it comes with less headaches nothing to do with how much an honest buyer will pay.
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    ^ I know what you mean about the headache as I am going through one myself right now. I have been selling on ebay for a few years now and I actually had a pretty smooth run until recently right around when the economy got bad was when I got a lot of shady buyers. I have always sold myself...lol like what chloebags said time rich but money poor...and I find that I get more money selling myself if is something classic like damier/mono bags. I also find that bags that are not common do not sell for a lot either....so for these bags...IMO, its better to sell myself because consigners get around the same price as me then they deduct the auction fees (I think they usually cover your PP fees, right?) and you are left with much less.

    I have one LV in particular that I have been thinking about letting go for a while now but I hesitated because I knew that I would loose a lot of money. I have been watching auctions for this bag for over a year now and it sells on average for about $2500 which is just under double what I paid! I knew that the fees for this would be huge as well so I contacted a consignor and they said that they would be able to offer me $2200-$2800 which is fair because that is somewhere in the range of what I would get if I listed myself so now i am seriously considering...

    I think it does really depend on the bag and the style! :yes:
  9. Vintage4me, I know what you mean. I sell some of my bags and have consigned a few. Also ITA with pro_shopper. Depending on certain circumstances , sometimes you're better off consigning. I've been collecting LV for almost 4 years now and I only purchase brand new in boutiques. Now, I'm very choosy about which style to buy, keeping in mind whether I may have a hard time selling it once I grow tired of the style--not as much fun but saves me more money, I guess :smile:.
  10. I am wondering what new ebay policy she is referring to that would encourage scam buyers??? can someone PM me with that info?