Why I Should Not Be Let Loose in a Chanel Store

Nov 26, 2006
Hi ladies this is my first thread ever...and kind of nervous. First I'll write how much I love this forum and it's so much fun reading all of your posts, I have found it a great tool. So here it goes...

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend, and I just wanted to buy the Cambon wallet. Well my feet were tired and I was walking in and out of stores looking for the right flats. I went to all the stores in the forums and walked out of all them dissapointed. Even my husband starting worrying...lol. Anyways I walk into Chanel and end up buying the wallet, a pair of ballerina flats in black, and the necklace with the black and white stripes :wtf: . I went kind of crazy!!! And I'm going back to Vegas on the 15th. I hope I don't go to crazy again :sweatdrop: .
congrats! pics please!! i wanna see the necklace! everything sounds delish!

Here you go...