Why I Should Not Be Let Loose in a Chanel Store

Nov 26, 2006
Hi ladies this is my first thread ever...and kind of nervous. First I'll write how much I love this forum and it's so much fun reading all of your posts, I have found it a great tool. So here it goes...

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend, and I just wanted to buy the Cambon wallet. Well my feet were tired and I was walking in and out of stores looking for the right flats. I went to all the stores in the forums and walked out of all them dissapointed. Even my husband starting worrying...lol. Anyways I walk into Chanel and end up buying the wallet, a pair of ballerina flats in black, and the necklace with the black and white stripes :wtf: . I went kind of crazy!!! And I'm going back to Vegas on the 15th. I hope I don't go to crazy again :sweatdrop: .
Nov 26, 2006
congratulations! were they the cambon flats? a lot of people here have been looking for those!
No they weren't, I was also interested in getting those but I didn't see them. I went to both Chanel's in Bellagio and Wynn.


crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
cute finds!!
it must have been fun to go wild in the chanel store!!


Oct 28, 2006
Oh man... this forum is so bad for me. I get the jitters just seeing the black Chanel box....

Beautiful haul... congrats!


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Nov 4, 2006
wow, the necklace is so cute! congrats on ur great purchases! I wish I can go crazy in Chanel someday :P