Why I rarely hang out with you

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  1. It's because reading Kitchen forum posts always makes me hungry!

    I'm trying to lose weight. One dress size lost since April 15! :happydance:

    But VERY little chocolate. :crybaby:
  2. I know how you feel!! Being in this section always makes me huuuungry!!

    Congrats to your weight loss so far!! :tup:
  3. Ha, I know, this forum often makes me hungry too.
    Congrats on your weightloss.
  4. Is that why I'm eating all the time? LOL!
    Great job on your weight loss, wish I could do the same!
  5. LOL! I've been noticeably absent for a few months as well. I get too tempted!
  6. im the same whenever i venture in here i want to eat whatever it is im reading about

  7. yep. same here. hanging out over in health and fitness, attempting to boost my will to resist.
  8. I agree, I rarely come in here, far to many temptations!! Really liked the cupcake thread though, OP should go far!