Why I own 80 pairs of shoes

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    Why I own 80 pairs of shoes

    [​IMG] There's still room for more

    Last week the Magazine published an article on why most women can never have enough shoes. It's all about the way they make you feel, says Claire Grinham, 22, in our Readers' Column.

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  2. Only 80 pair? Amateur's hour!!! :P

    Try nearly 200 pair in my house!! :nuts:
  3. I have one pair of shoes, one pair of trainers, one pair of sandals, one pair of walking shoes, one pair of boots and one pair of wellies. I guess that makes me male.
    Dave, Wolverhampton, UK

    That one just cracked me up :roflmfao:
  4. I so own the pink pair with laces, except mine are from Aldo and are not Manolos.:yes: (which i didn't realize until I saw Carrie wearing them on Sex and the City.)
  5. I have about 40 pair, no Manolos- anymore. hurt too damn much. mostly prada, marc jacobs and louboutins now... they are gorgeous and comfy. i'm so over sacrificing comfort for style.
  6. I am 12 and own about 40 pairs of shoes --- no high end designer shoes just a few coach shoes, steve madden and more :P
  7. Cool! I've got about 50 but haven't counted in awhile. Shoes rule! No matter if I'm in great shape or out of shape, my shoes always fit (and my bag too!).
  8. i'm reading the comments section of that link...and there are sooo many haters!! all this mumbo-jumbo about how you should be saving third-world countries instead of buying a pair of shoes. perhaps she does both, like i'm sure a lot of pfer's go? BOO!
  9. a girl can never have too many shoes! :yes:
  10. 80 isnt that many....!!!!
  11. 80 pairs of shoes is nothing around my house--the whole walk-in closet is mine--filled with shoes, clothes, and bags.
  12. I think I have around 60 pairs and my shoes shopping never ends.
  13. Exactly what I'm thinking! :nuts:
  14. 80 pairs is child's play!
  15. LOL. I own about 14 pairs of shoes, all designer (one Nike), mostly Manolo. :smile: