Why I no longer buy yellow gold

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  1. I was just wondering what everyone's view on yellow gold is?.
    It appears to me that it sits on the sidelines at bit. Personally I wouldn't buy anymore yellow gold and haven't bought any for a long while, I prefer platinum, white gold and rose gold.
    This is for the following reasons.
    I'm in the UK and before I knew much about gold a lot of pieces I bought back in the day are 9k.
    Now I am older & wiser :graucho:I know that nowhere apart from the UK (certainly not the US) will allow 9k to be called gold.
    The higher the carat the more yellow the gold.
    The real yellow gold does not suit me, maybe in the summer with a tan but not with my pasty British skin the rest of the year. The 9k colour I found suited me better.
    I personally do not like the look of different Karats together, I couldn't wear a 9k yellow gold ring or 14k next to an 18k 22k I would find it clashed too much.
    I think the rose gold looks more like the 9k gold colour that I used to prefer.
    Platinum is always the same and white gold and rose gold seem to look pretty much the same whether you get it in 14k or 18k.
    Just my thoughts is.... Is this true for everyone else?
  2. I love yellow gold, and it definitely looks best on me. My TAG watch is two- tone with diamond bezel and diamond dial and works with white gold, platinum, and yellow gold. My wedding band is yellow gold/ diamonds. My diamond studs I always wear are set in yellow gold. My Pandora bracelet is all yellow gold and real stones and it is beyond stunning. I buy what suits me. Rose gold does not look good on me, and white gold doesn't either. When I put on yellow gold, my skin lights up. The difference is noticeable.
  3. Sounds really lovely :smile: .. do you find the higher karat pops more on your skin than the lower karat ?
  4. I love yellow gold and prefer it. 24k yellow suits me a lot.

    I have a lot of white gold and platinum pieces but I wear my yellow gold when I want to bling out. It's just more out there and more stunning.

    Rose gold never ever looked good on me. Looks exactly like my skin tone. However I like rose gold when intertwined with white and yellow.. I have a chain that's tricolor and I find it quite lovely.

    I think in terms of value, you can't go wrong with 24k pure gold. You can weight it and gets its value in cash (over here in Asia, at least). Great investment.

    Is it true that white gold and rose gold is simply "treated" yellow gold? I was given that impression years ago; and never researched it. I always thought that "pure gold" (yellow) will always be "worth" more, investment wise. I guess I'm lucky it's just the color that suits my skin the most.
  5. Outside of Asia, it's very difficult to find "pure" gold of 24k (or honestly anything above 20k). For any color, 14k and 18k tend to be more common in jewelry, so it's more color preference. They're just alloys mixing with other metal like platinum, copper, etc.

    I prefer 24k gold, but since it's so difficult to find here, lean towards RG because warmer tones look better on me and yellow tends to looks green.
  6. Hi :smile: I think the following is true

    24 kt yellow gold is pure gold

    You can never get 24 kt white gold or rose/pink gold as
    White gold is yellow gold usually mixed with another white metal usually nickel or palladium to get the white look

    Rose gold is yellow gold mixed with copper to get the pink look

    Any yellow gold below 24kt is also mixed with another metal usually silver copper or zinc.

    18kt whether it is white, rose or yellow has 75% pure yellow gold mixed with any of the above.
    22kt is 91.7 yellow pure gold mixed with the above combinations.
    14kt is 58.3 yellow pure gold mixed with the above combinations.
    10kt is 41.7 yellow pure gold mixed with the above combinations

    White gold is sometimes quite dull so it's often rhodium plated to give it is shine which can wear and need replacing.

    However I believe that some high end jewellers for instance Cartier don't plate their white gold as the love bracelets don't appear to lose their shine.
  7. It's interesting that you are in the uk too as I wonder if certain nationalities prefer yellow gold? My pasty English skin is definitely better suited to white metals of any sort. I have a mixture of platinum, white gold, silver and even steel jewellery. The only exceptions are my steel and rose gold cuff (which I love) and my 1 series Chanel medium flap which has (I believe) 24 carat yellow gold plating on the hardware. I love the look and the history of the bag but if I'm honest the hardware doesn't suit me and I should have got silver.
    My husband is Sicilian however and his family all much prefer yellow gold.
    I wish it did suit me because the rhodium plating can definitely wear away on some white gold items, silver tarnishes too easily, I much prefer either platinum or even steel to keep that white/greyish tone.
  8. I used to love yellow gold until about one and a half year ago when I suddenly didn't. Nowadays I prefer silver, WG and platinum. I still see that YG jewelry can be stunningly gorgeous, like the rays of the sun, but I cannot stand wearing it anymore. Same goes for pink/red gold. IMHO both look tacky on me. I have sold all my YG and RG pieces and wear silver, WG and platinum instead, because I prefer the cooler hues, combined with black, white, grey and even red way better.
  9. I adore yellow gold, the only white piece I own is my wedding set.
  10. I love all gold, but my preference is for yellow. The yellower, the better. If I want a white colored metal, I tend to either go for sterling or for platinum.

    White metal makes me think "cool sophisticate" and night, yellow makes me think "warm luxury" and day.... but that might just be for the styles of jewelry I like. I've seen plenty of cheap looking designs in each. lol
  11. Hi wildraven - Very interesting question you have here .. I have a similar 'dilemma' too but mine is concerning a watch. My apology if this is consider an irrelevant point .. :yw::blush: but I am debating on my next purchase of a watch: yellow gold watch or stick to silver (stainless steel) style.
    In my younger days, I wear mainly yellow gold jewelry but for the last 10 years I have switched to mainly white gold/platinum or silver. But lately (2016?), I have been buying 18k or 24k yellow gold jewelry again. I feel, for me, it is the trend that affects my decision. Sorry if I have confused you further :roll eyes:
  12. I love it all!

    Often I prefer gold-only pieces rather than gem set. I only buy 18ct now but I don't think it's a matter of percentage/colour, you can buy 9ct wg, yg and rg. 9ct is traditional in the UK and not some modern malaise, I have some Victorian pieces that are 9ct, some of rose are RG.

    I like to mix colours but if there was a choice and I could only have one I would always go for the yg

    22ct and 24ct is soft and unstable, not particularly good for jewellery that's worn on a regular basis. That's why so many high carat wedding rings have been worn to nothing. Its value is as a trousseau, but jewellery is an expensive way of buying bullion if people are thinking of buying it as investment.
  13. As many have said, I think yellow gold looks the best on my skin tone. I think it comes down to personal preference. There's going to be someone who likes every different metal tone.

    With that being said, I prefer a richer gold toner - 18k and 24k. I think 14k and below have a dull look/less saturated look to it, which I do not like. Everything I own is in YG except my diamond studs.
  14. I have a lot of 9carat, but also have 18's and 22, some is yellow, some rose, some modern, vintage, and antique.
    I buy yellow not for investment (I've bought and sold lots of items and the price for gold has lowered each year for a while now), purely for it's look, it's carat grade is secondary to it's attractive shape and style.

    I dislike the colour of 'silver' intensely so white gold really leaves me cold, it's just too 'cold' and harsh looking for me and my skintone (which is for most of the year honey coloured - in the summer months, with a tan, a couple of stages darker honey, with baby blonder hair ...... so on me silvery colour really doesn't look nice, in my own opinion).
    I also think silver colour in a cold grey British winter is 'cold' looking whereas gold is always 'warm'.

    I have a lot of gem-set pieces and probably as much plain non gem-set but it's all the above types of gold.
  15. Thank you so much everyone for all your input :smile: Its been really interesting getting everyone's different thoughts

    I never realised that you could get wedding rings in 24kt just for this reason :smile:

    [/QUOTE]With that being said, I prefer a richer gold toner - 18k and 24k. I think 14k and below have a dull look/less saturated look to it, which I do not like. Everything I own is in YG except my diamond studs.[/QUOTE]

    [/QUOTE]In India, People prefer gold jewelry more than other.Especially in wedding, 24k or 22k yellow gold is used and for sure it looks so pretty on them[/QUOTE]

    You are right it is so dependant on skin tone as to what looks good.
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