Why I Love Venice

  1. The chairs in McDonald's have handbag holders! If you have a look in the background you can see an empty chair without a bag on it (obviously the closer one has my bag on it).

    Why don't more places do this? :yes:
  2. That is so awesome! We need to take a cue from Venice!
  3. Love it!!!
  4. ugh thats such a great idea :smile:
  5. Genious! Why don't we have those in the US??
  6. That is the coolest thing ever!!
  7. I am still in awe of Venice after returning from there 2 months ago. Venetians know how to live....that handbag "hook" is but one tiny example....after all, you should not be placing your BV or Gucci on the floor....
    I placed my RM Nikki on the floor of a very cute boutique and immediately a SA snapped it up and placed it over on her sales counter.
    "tsk tsk"
  8. :love:Sigh... Venice is the best city on earth. I have to plan a trip back there soon.
  9. What a great idea... Love it! :smile: So simple...yet so perfect!
  10. wow i have been to that mcdonalds several times I did not notice lol... I just kept my purse on the table
  11. Great idea. thanks for pic
  12. That is fantastic!! gotta love Venice!
  13. I don't even eat at McDonald's, but that is cool. I wish more restaurants would do that.
  14. Ok, I gotta say this...you're in Venice and you're eating at McDonalds???!?
  15. What a great idea!