Why I love to hate FEDEX!

  1. So I've been waiting on my first BBag. It was sent out last Thursday and of coarse I've been stalking it's status on FEDEX. Well yesterday it said it was out for deliver at 8 in the morning...I was so excited to think that when I got it would be waiting for me. Well...I waited and waited and waited til 10:30 at night. I was so frustrated that when I checked the last status it said that at 9:37 they came by my house but no one was home. What's up with that? Ooh I've been home waiting all night...so I called FEDEX...I thought maybe they had tried to deliver it to someone elses house. Well the nice guy I talked to told me that if they run out of time then they sometimes scan the package as they tried to come by and they will deliver it the next day. That's just crazy! So here I am, the next day...stalking my package again. It went out for deliver at 7 am this morning...and trust me you'll all know when it shows up! I thought I was over the top last night but my dear husband completely agreed that he would be mad too...so there you go. My voice of reason agreed with me. Maybe he's a bit excited to see this bag too...at least that's what I tell myself...:rolleyes:
  2. :roflmfao: LOL... good luck on the waitting dear. This totally sounds like me!!

    What did you get? Post pics the minute it arrives!!
  3. I got a black 07 city...pictures will be on the way as soon as my dear FEDEX man brings me my child. Just kidding...I'm tying to laugh about it today. I have LV's and Gucci's...never been this excited about a bag before.
  4. Such a classic!! You will love it!! Beware, they are addictive!! :yes:
  5. post pics when you get it and good luck with your stalking!!!!!!
  6. good luck girl :p
    thanks god the fedex in my country are the sweetest, they're very reliable and helpful
  7. I'm trying out a new plan...don't check the FEDEX site to much...kinda like watching water boil. Yeah right...who am I kidding. Thanks for all the words of encouragement... :smile:
  8. I definitely know what you are feeling! Hope she arrives soon! Post pics when she does!
  9. Great choice for your first Balenciaga!

    Hope it arrives soon and look forward to seeing pics:yes:
  10. I love FedEx... in my experience they've been more reliable than UPS (I always seem to get "unavoidable delays"), and USPS (my tracking number often shows that something arrived at my post office and then doesn't actually get delivered for two days later).

    But it's always frustrating when this happens... congratulations on your first Bal!
  11. Ok ladies...I took my own advise and stopped checking...went to lunch...came back and BAM...it was delivered to my house. Now if I can only get through the next 4 hours of work...! Keep your fingers crossed it looks great and I don't have to go through this torchure again...well until I get my first "first".
  12. Awesome! Congrats!
  13. so where's the pics ;)
  14. I have to go home first...love on my bag...if it's great leather...then take pics and put them up tomorrow. If the leather is bad...then I'll post a sad note about how I have to order another one. ;) I hoping to post the pics.
  15. Can't wait to see your new 'child'!