Why I love pfers and LV

  1. Today I had another fun shopping day with peace43 and NUrseluvsLOUIE (aka Michele, plus her friend) in SCP. I wasn't expecting to get anything today (other than spend my gift card at Victoria's Secret, which I did this morning). I don't remember how we got into this conversation about our wallets, but peace43 remembered how my zippy had a tarnished zipper...it was actually pretty bad, and I knew the thing started to tarnish a week after I bought it (which was last August). I honestly didn't think much of it as everything else on the wallet was okay, although I will admit I was a tad *miffed* when the zipper tarnished pretty badly (and barely a year old, too!).

    Then Michelesees it, compares my zippy with her zippy organizer and tells me that it doesn't look right! Her zipper actually looked MUCH better than mine, and hers was a good few months old! She showed my wallet to her SA (at the Bloomie's counter), who told us that my wallet seemed defected! What made it even more irritating was that my wallet was younger than her wallet! :wtf: There was nothing he could do about it, but told us we should go to the main boutique to get their opinion...I got the wallet there, anyway.

    After lunch, we got to show the wallet to the SA at the main boutique. He then brought out the repair SA (named "T"), who examined my wallet. T said the same thing, and that my zipper wasn't supposed to tarnish so badly and quickly, but he would send it to repairs free of charge. I was a little unsure and a little annoyed, but I was willing to do it as I didn't want to have a defected wallet...however, I saw the SA bring out a brand new wallet...? I thought I was going to get a plastic bag to put my stuff in...?

    Michele asks the SA if that's my "renting out" wallet. Actually, they decided to just give me a brand new one! :nuts: I didn't expect that one at all!

    Here is my *new* wallet:

    Nice, shiny zipper...

    BTW...my old wallet was made in Spain, but this one is made in France! :yes: Now all my LVs are French. :lol:


    Special thanks to peace and Michele...I don't think I would've gotten a replacement had it not been for them and showing how ugly my zipper was in my previous wallet. Hope and cross our fingers that this one doesn't tarnish like the last one...:tup:

    Soooo...technically I didn't spend any money at LV, but at least I got something new. :smile:
  2. Yay!!!
  3. wow, great story!! congrats on the new wallet!! :yahoo:
  4. how lucky!!! congrats.
  5. Great news!! Glad you got a brand new wallet!!
  6. Thats awesome!!!!!! What great Pfer's helping you!! Enjoy the new wallet, I really love LV just for stuff like that :smile:
  7. that's great!! see what wonderful CS can do!?
  8. Oh wow, they gave you a brand new wallet. :nuts: *Neat*

    Congrats on your NEW wallet!!
  9. Yay... she looks better than ever!! :tup:

    Congrats and horray for awesome PF'ers! :wlae:
  10. Aw how nice!!
  11. yay! that's completely awesome!

    I had to repair a piece once (my damier koala agenda...the middle piece just fell off after a coulple months!) but I didn't get a replacement... i'm so glad you're happy with your new, non defective wallet! :yahoo:
  12. ~~Aawww...thank you:shame: It was Peace43 who started the process...I think that after the guy *T* saw my 2 y/o Cerises Pochette's zipper is still so SHINY, he then decided that your wallet has a DEFECT zipper...Also, when three of us took out our wallets to compare w/ your wallet-ANYONE in their right mind can def. see that there's something wrong w/ the zipper. He made the right decision:tup: to give you a new baby to take home:graucho:!~
  13. OMG Thats amazing!!
  14. Wow Thats wonderful@@!!
  15. I'm so happy for you! Yay LV and TPF!