Why I love NM

  1. On the 7th, I ordered two bg cities from NM in SF. I guess I shouldn't have ordered them from so far away ( I am in Chicago) but I didn't want to spend a bunch on shipping so I said to send them whatever the cheapest way was. Well, that must have been via Australia because I just got them today. When I tried to ask about the leather, I got the 'All B-bags are the same' line so I had him send two so I could compare. I immediately disqualified the first one because right on the front it had a huge patch of faded looking leather. Not acceptable AT ALL. So the second one had really nice leather but there was some scratches on the back. I know I will have to see scratches eventually but when I first buy the bag, I don't like them. If I had to, I would keep this bag because the leather IS nice. But, I called Lisa Hamlin in Troy NM and talked to her assistant and she is sending me two more bags to look over. I just keep thinking if I was buying from BNY or Aloha Rag (who is great), I wouldn't be able to look at four bags to decide. I LOVE NM.
  2. Lisa is wonderful!! I have worked with her before - she is incredibly helpful and I think she seems to have a fairly good knowledge of bbags.
  3. 4 bags at once!! *swoon* ;) I have a quick NM question. When I went in to buy my first bag, the SA said I needed a NM credit card or Amex or cash. They didn't take Visa/Mastercard/Discover. They wouldn't take debit cards. So I applied and got a NM card. Do you guys know if she was just trying to get me to get a card? Because I know on their website you can pay with anything. :shrugs:
  4. did they send on consignment or did you have to buy 4 bags to compare?
  5. Thats right - NM card or AMEX only
  6. Thanks! ;) Sorry to hijack from you Allison! :p
  7. The Las Vegas store does take other cards I found out.
  8. There are some N/M's that take Visa/Mastercard - for instance, the N/M in Las Vegas. I know that they have Balenciaga bags there since I was seriously contemplating one, but ended up getting a French Blue Mini-Toilette case (which I use to put my jewelry into when traveling).

    Yikes ... I just saw the above post ... sorry 'bout that!!!
  9. It's true that they only take NM or AMEX, but some associates will help you out by purchasing GC's for you online with your Visa/Mastercard/Discover and then using the GC's for your purchase.
  10. Ooooooh CoutureObsessed, that's a GREAT idea!!! I'll have to remember that next time when I'm at one of the N/M stores that don't take Visa/MC ... THANKS!
  11. The NM by me only takes NM and Amex.
    I had to buy them. I already took the one with the white discolored area back. I am sure they will just sell it to someone else. I really like the other one that I got though.