why I love LV......

  1. The reason why I :heart: LV is because it is timeless. I know that my 2 LV bags will not be out of style next year. They are not the most luxurious bags but, they are timeless and that is why LV won me over...why did LV win you over?
  2. Because I think that many of the designs fit my personality and I have always loved the look of mono
  3. well, to you they might not be the most luxurious bags out, but for use who took FOREVER to save up for one, it is..i personally dont like any other brand other than LV right now..hope you didnt take that too mean.. :P

    as for what won me over is the fact that it's just LV.. i cant really explain.
  4. I agree I believe that they are very luxurious! I want mine so bad just a few more days.
  5. I agree with the fact that it's timeless. The classic bags will always be in style. I also love the history behind LV, how it's been around so long and how some of the styles have been around for generations...I think it's really cool!
  6. yes, i do agree that its timeless and it takes me forever to save up. and i think thats why it makes it special.
  7. I have always admired LVs...

    Their style and durability plus the timelessness of their desgins are the main reasons...they are like no other...

    It caters to most budgets and tasts....thats why it is so appealing to so many stylish ladies....

    When it comes to style, function, workmanship and the longevitiy of the brand...nothing comes close to LV......:yes:
  8. It is subjective I suppose from my point of reference I have a bag that cost more than 3 speedies and it took me a long time to save for it. It is not mean we all have different incomes ect. therefore, our perspectives may be different. There are women who own Hermes bags and would consider a Speedy a starter bag and on the other token there are people who buy 50 dollar handbags and would think the price of a Speedy is outrageous. For me my Speedy is my knock around bag because it is mono canvas and my full leather bags with fancy hardware are my dressy bags. I love the fact that LV is so durable and my Speedy is casual that is why fell in love with LV...ohhh and timeless is right up there for me...maybe not you but, me:P !
  9. ohhh I love the fact that they never go on sale...I hate when something you buy is reduced...it makes you feel so taken....
  10. Many celebrities prefer to carry a speedy even though they could have ANY bag. I think it is all about preference like what you said.
  11. I am attracted to LV because of the timeless style of the bags and the "old-world" craftmanship evident in them. Actually I am turned off by the topless models in LV's ads and find most of the new styles to be gaudy.
  12. I fell in :heart: love:heart: because of its quality & its timeless. Its also a big PLUS that they NEVER go on sale:yahoo: . I have a few Gucci, Coach, Ferragamo bags & comparing the stitching, heatstamp, date code/serial numbers, etc...the quality of LV is really by far superb:yes: . LV makes a strong statement without yelling out "look at me" when youre carrying it....whatever style it is.....Classic, timeless, ageless!!!:love:
  13. The LV brand is very alluring and timeless-versatile, it's something I crave!! I truly think that just by carrying a Louie, your whole outfit looks that much more pulled together! For instance, you could be wearing a whole outfit from the affordable H&M (which I love btw), and carry a LV and look like a million! There's just something about LV! :smile:
  14. great points..I love the hand crafted aspect and quality has well....
  15. To be honest about 2 years ago, I never had anything LV, and I never liked it. It was just something I was never in to, mainly because I was never in to the whole purse and accessory thing. But then, I just kept looking at why people loved LV so much, and their stories just won me over. I didn't know anything about LV, except for the brown bags and the logo. Until I really learned about how long they lasted and their resale value that's what made me bite the big one. I 1st fell in love with the Batignolles Horizontal. Now I own over 10 pieces which includes 3 bags. And I couldn't be much happier!

    I love LV because of the crafsmanship, because it's timeless and will last years to come. It's something I look back and say that I really love.