Why I left PP

  1. I would not mix eBay with PF post but want to address the paypal ?
    One I have had so many nice buyers from out of USA Two paypal has contracts with some areas that they do not have to show tracking to you or for A return. ( They will refund the same Day the buyer got the Bag it was done to me) I was hit 3 times over 7 years well over 4 digits. After many calls one part of paypal could not give me details from the other. :confused1:
    I went to the bought out new bidpay no longer western union. My rep gives me A personal email and A Phone # ext direct to them. It has cost me sales but I am A little hard head at times.:sweatdrop: Love you all:heart:
  2. I left paypal because I was sick of chargebacks.
  3. Im leaving paypal because their customer service is crap.
  4. With bidpay A buyer and seller must both show tracking senting or returning. They also have phone ext to get the same rep back (personal service). With PP when you get someone they try to sort the last reps notes.:cursing: