Why I have so many blue bags and who else has clever schemes

  1. I know that some people wonder why I collect sooooo many blue bbags, and here is my first and foremost reason. I always keep the LMB conditioner in sight, and every time I pull out a city in a different blue color my SO asks if I treated my bag again. He hasn't even noticed that my blueberry first is smaller than my cities. :p This doesn't work for the twiggys, but as long as Balenciaga keeps making lovely shades of blue....no questions are ever asked and no :lecture: . It helps that I'm a blue color addict too. Does anyone else employ this kind of strategy to their bbag buying? Any other clever schemes I might try? Would love to hear them.
  2. No schemes here, but that is very clever of you! lol.
  3. That's hilarious. My guy would never think to look in my closet. I'm off work today and my back has been bothering me, so after I did my PT exercise, my husband said I should buy a new handbag. I said we have no money and he said, "Who cares about the money, it'll come from somewhere."

    Thing is, I really don't think he has fully internalized just how much that anthracite work bag I want actually is. I was showing him a gorgeous Botkier trigger bag on eBay - not the anthracite work bag. But he did say, "Buy a bag! Make yourself feel better!"

    The Botkier is only $300...The anthracite Work is a wee bit more...maybe the Weekender is cheaper...I'll go check. Maybe I should try to avoid work, anyway, and just treat my life as a weekend..

    Oh, and I'm a blue addict too - every single shade is worthy, and one should have every shade! It can make one's entire day just to have a choice of blue Balenciagas, I'm sure. I don't have a single blue one yet...
  4. :roflmfao: Too funny!
  5. unfortunetely my hubby has really sharp eyes and I have such honest(?) heart, I tell him how much they are down to pennies......and he does know the difference between blue glacier and corn flower blue(which are very similar), first, city and work.......

    BUT sometimes I do buy let's say three bags in a month and then hide two for a month, then show it to him one by one, give it some time(maybe 3weeks or so in between bags)for him to adjust to my expending bag closet. : )

    Fortunetely he is pretty generous when it comes to my shoes and bags but never understands "I HAVE TO GET THEM NOW OTHERWISE THEY WILL BE SOLD OUT" situations......
  6. My husband says the only reason he is working so hard (and he does work crazy hours) is to make money for me to spend :tender:

    But I have never let on the true extent of my handbag, and especially BBag, addiction. I have spent the equivalent of my entire year's salary in the past 6-9 months, mostly on BBags. I can't help it that I love blue and blue green...
  7. What's funny in my situation is that my bbag purchases have never put any kind of strain on family finances, but because he's been carrying around the same wallet since he was 20 years old....he thinks one or two handbags is more than any women should ever need. Right now I'm considering buying a weekender, and I don't think telling him "OMG:wtf: , look what LMB did to my bag" is going to work.
  8. That's sooo funny! The weekender might be a little tricky though.:p
  9. How about tell him that you sold one of your old
    bag on eBay and you are paying the new one with
    the proceeds from the sale.
  10. :rolleyes: ^This is totally my husband - without the understanding part about them being sold out!!!

    ARgh!! I waitted to buy a marine bag, because I had just purchased a few others around the time that it came out - but now they are sold out of the style I wanted!!! I think I am going to have to employ your method... :graucho:
  11. Hilarious, my husband met w/ our tax attorney yesterday and he lectured my husband forever about how we could've easily paid off our house if he would pull it the reins and not let me shop so much. Can you believe that? DH told him "Easy for you to say, you don't have to live w/ her!"
  12. Shasta -- that's so funny. At least your hubby has a sense of humor about it!

    Since DH makes most of the money in our family, I'd feel bad buying a big-ticket item without talking with him about it first. And if I did buy one without informing him first, there's a chance he'd notice and call me on it! And that would not be good.
  13. That's usually what I do. He doesn't realize that I always come out behind in the process, though! LOL!
  14. I wish my husband was color blind because then he wouldn't be able to tell the difference!;) I only buy the city style.

    I think your ploy is really original. The Bal blue bags are so pretty that I could be satisfied just owning blue ones.
  15. My husband is reading Newsweek magazine right now, and he just read that "in a recent survey by W magazine, 38% of female readers admitted to hiding luxury purchases from their significant other on at least one occasion. . . Many women (and some men) hide splurges by splitting up the bill among different credit cards, hiding their receipts, or paying in cash. Why? To avoid an argument, says Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist at the Univ. of Washington: "They feel entitled to get something, even if it isn't something they have agreed upon.""

    I would probably hide purchases, too, but my husband knows exactly where all our money goes, so I can't.