Why I Hate Weekends and Holidays

  1. My Pine City has been "on its way" from Aloha Rag for about a week now. It shipped out Friday via FedEx. I tracked it online and it was of course at FedEx the entire weekend. It shipped from HI to CA on Monday. Now I live half the world away in Manila, but CA to Manila is just a 12-hour plane trip away, and packages usually get here from the US in 2-3 days. So I was thinking I'd have the bag in my hands by Wednesday at the latest. The bag arrived in Manila Tuesday and by Wednesday morning had reached customs. SOP here is that FedEx will give the recipient a call to authorize customs payments. I waited for the call ALL DAY but got no calls until Thursday morning. Thursday the FedEx guy says, "ok, we'll go through Customs today but we can't deliver till Saturday because tomorrow is a holiday." Arrrrgh!!!! I'm just glad they deliver on Saturdays otherwise it would be another weekend of waiting. Time to give thanks for small favors I guess:smile:

    That said, I DO miss the US Postal system (USPS included). I know everyone thinks it's a joke, but just wait until you see what other postal "systems" can be like...
  2. Oh boy!.....I hope you get your bag soon and remember to post pics!:smile:
  3. Oh I am thinking good thoughts of you and Pine eventually getting together...I agree with what you are saying about Fedex...I live in a regional coastal town and Fedex use 3rd party couriers around here. So, my Bbags go through 3 different courier companies before it gets to my door. Most of the time I desperately ask for a box from the seller, but that can't always happen. The packages my Bbags are in, are sometimes trashed by the time they reach my door! I love just the standard postal system. Seamless and easy.
  4. oh gosh, what a torture!!! well im glad your bag actually made it to Manila tho, i know how the postal system is there and as far as I can remember, they're not very good. but thru Fedex i guess it's okay. i dont know if a lot of people there wear bbags yet (i know that a large percentage of them wear LVs instead) and if thats the case, you'd be like the only one wearing one, which i think is cool!! hehe hope you get your pine city soon!
  5. I totally sympathize!! I got a Bottega Veneta from the pre-Columbus day sale at the outlet in Southern California. I think they rang it up a week ago now. I'm in California -- granted, Nor Cal, but still, not that far and no customs! Sorry you're still waiting, and I'm glad yours will be there soon!!
  6. Let me get this straight - does USPS or any other postal carrier in the U.S. deliver on holidays and Sundays? Really? Wow!!!
  7. You'd actually be surprised at the bags people here wear. I think that in general we are a leather-loving lot:smile: Definitely a lot of LV but I run into people with B-bags all the time. Just the other day I saw someone with a beautiful City in Rouge VIF; and last week it was someone with a caramel 05 bag. We also have some pretty good resellers here who'll bring in the "most wanted" things (particulary Chanel; Chanel patent trifold, bubble bags etc). The only problem is that there's usually just 1 of each...
  8. Definitely not on Sundays or holidays. I simply meant that it kind of sucks when you are (Very excitedly!) waiting for something and it ships out on a Friday or Saturday and then there's a holiday midweek. The usual 2-3 day shipping then takes a week and it feels like FOREVER.....
  9. It's HERE!!!! So taxes came to $150 (gasp! even with item marked down to $350 c/o AR) but hey, I knew that was coming. And it's a BEAUTY!

    Here are a few (badly-taken) pictures of my gorgeous new B-bag. I SO love this color!!!

    Forgive the dead leaves in the back yard...
    DSC00924.jpg DSC00925.jpg DSC00926.jpg DSC00927.jpg DSC00928.jpg
  10. Congrats! Love the color! :tup:
    Now i so want a Pine Weekender!
  11. Congratulations! Looks gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful bag - glad it arrived safely!
  13. I really am enjoying this color! Great bag!
  14. congrats the leather is amazing!!!!
  15. Beautiful! I'm so glad you finally got your Pine bag! Isn't the color just wonderful? :love: My Pine bag shipped from AR on Monday as well, and even though it had an estim. deliv. date of Wed, it was on the truck for delivery on Tuesday (I actually picked it up after work since I wasn't home for the delivery---I was so eager to get it I couldn't wait til the next day for them to reattempt delivery).