Why I Don't Send $ to Help People Out

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  1. OK, I think this is where this post goes. I have seen a few people needing various forms of help, or have received PM's asking to help a fellow boardie.

    I don't mind the solicitations and/or threads but I don't contribute.

    I am not mean spirited in any way. I am just suspicious by nature.

    I am a retired cop. A while ago, on an AOL Board that was strictly for cops, limited access, etc... a guy got on the board and said he was a disabled retired cop. He pulled alot of the guys' strings. He said he fell on his handcuffs (some cops wear their handcuffs on their belt on the back) and broke his back. He said he was confined to a wheelchair.

    The guys on the board, feeling sorry and wanting to help another "brother" out, started sending him donations to him and his charity. They sent alot of $$$. I never did.

    IOt turned out the guy was a scam. Never was a cop. Never got hurt. Ended up scamming alot of people out of alot of $. He eventually was arrested in Ohio for his scam.

    So, don't mind me. I just don't participate in the send $ PM's and posts. Just suspicious by nature.

    I am sure the PMs I have gotten are legit. It's just not my cup of tea.
  2. I have never received a PM asking me to help out another member. I
  3. Serioulsy what the hell is that all about? Who is sending you Pms asking for money???
  4. i think it's understandable. i do my best to help people out, but sometimes i'm suspicious too. i think it's pretty easy to figure out who is genuine and not, you know?
  5. i have never gotten PM asking me to help financially
    do you get this a lot? maybe you should pm Vlad about this.

    Other helps ie: checking out what is available at local neimans are normal IMO. I am happy to help a member for these shopping related things....
  6. i have a feeling i know what this is about...hmm.
  7. ^^Well I hope someone clears it up for the rest of us.
  8. I think it is one thing if its the Sunshine committe and it is something decided on as a group however, I think its really pathetic to Pm someone and ask for help finicially.
  9. It wasn't so much financially. Kalli knows what I am talking about (not your incident Kalli), but another one.

    I just don't get involved in those types of things.
  10. I got a PM this morning for someone. I hope it was legit. Uh oh.....be right back...
  11. It indeed appears like people have been (possibly) abusing the whole ROAK/Sunshine committee thing, asking others for money for some cause or another. While it is up to everyone's common sense and judgment, I urge you to fw me any PM that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  12. Jeesh, Vlad, you have not had a break today, have you?
  13. Hmmm, I can see your point and will say there are times I feel some posts are meant to garner sympathy and perhaps $$$. There are a couple of issues on that front...first, it may be arrogant, but I do think I have a pretty good 'nose' for sniffing those out and usually just ignore them....second, when I do choose to help, I do so because I would be rather duped a time or two, than be hardened to someone's plight.

    My brother is also a retired police officer, and watching him change and harden over the years breaks my heart. While I completly understand seeing so much of the nastiness in society, plus simple self preservation made this change occur and it was neccessary, it was sad to see never the less.

    Also, I want to make it clear the sunshine committee never sends PMs requesting $$ or contributions, and if you ever recieve one claiming to be from the us, please let me know right away. We have our own newsletter for people who have signed up.
  14. That's what I thought! That's a little weird and I never got one of those! I get emails from the sunshine thing, but I want those emails! No one better PM me for money!
  15. twinkle you do a wonderful job! I signed up for the newsletter, and have NEVER been sent a PM or pressured into donating ANYTHING.
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