Why I dont see the "lipstic red" color often?

  1. Red is a seasonal color and highly sought after at the moment. I went on a hunt this past Spring and finally found a red lambskin E/W from Boston. You can try calling around yourself (I would not rely on an SA--every SA told me it was impossible and sold out through the company, yet I was able to find it on my own) and you might be able to find back stock. You can find one on E-bay from time to time, but I would be very careful!

    Otherwise you can wait--I am almost 100% sure Chanel will bring back red in the near future :smile:
  2. That bag is the exact Kirsten Dunst red flap. Looks like a lot of people have their eyes set on it! IMO it's got truly the most perfect shade of red -- not too dark, not too bright (only wish it came with silver h/w instead of gold). I'd ask the seller for a photo confirmation of the authenticity card/serial # and hologram inside the bag just to be 100% certain. According to our experts in the Authenticate This! section this bag was checked out and looks pretty good....so that's a good sign. Interestingly that auction had a buy-it-now which was the same price as the starting bid...and yet people still chose to bid!
  3. U are so lucky....i was looking for the red flap bag as well but stil in no luck. Maybe i can't be like you calling every store esp those in overseas.....hopefully chanel can repeat the red colors soon. I'm looking forward for one:crybaby:
  4. That auction just ended at $3,150!!!....for a vintage 1-series Chanel. All I can say is wow, people must really crave red flaps.
  5. Yep, BIN was also $1850. I remember thinking that even $1850 was a bit too high for a vintage bag, guess not! :upsidedown:
  6. Wow, that sure is an insane price, especially considering what the BIN was... lucky seller (who must be laughing all the way to the bank), damn! :wtf: Seasonal colors are highly sought after, especially red, and this particular red flap has gotten tons of magazine time on Kristen Dunst's shoulder haha. :p I'm sure Chanel will bring red back, don't worry! :smile: My favorite shade of red is the '05 red, and I'm lucky enough to have found an E/W from a fabulous pfer a while back... that particular red is stunning, because it's bright, but not orangey, and not too deep. :love: I also love the '07 red Jumbo I have, but for different reasons... now if I could just find a violet caviar E/W... :girlsigh:
  7. Wow....thats crazy. I remember peeking at that auction but really wanted red with SH...yikes. I love the red bags, they are so gorgeous!
  8. I remember seeing that and wondering why in the world did the bidder place her bid for $1850 when the opening bid and Buy it Now were IDENTICAL - $1850. :s
  9. i think that color was release for the 50th anniversary. i bought mine in that year and saw this red in lambskin in heathrow T3. so wish i bought that now cos its so lovely and vibrate.