Why I don't like B.Fendi

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was saving for the B.Fendi when I figured, I actually don't really like it at all. The buckles are too big for petite me, and it doesn't have that X-factor. But most of all, I think I am put off by the fact that it comes in so many different varitations that you really can't decide on which one. Sounds weird I know, but I didn't like the Fendi Baguette because of that. Anyone shares the same sentiments?
  2. I like the Fendi B.bags but in a specific color combo. If you don't think you'll be happy with it then purchase something else. Do you have any other bag you've been eyeing on?
  3. Tammy, I agree.
    I think a lot of people feel the same way too- all you need to do is look on eLuxury to see. There's soooo many B.Fendis left! You would never have seen half a dozen or more Spys (or any "It" bag) just sitting around...
  4. i go through that dilemma of choosing bags too.
    when i bought my fendi, i thought long and hard for HOURS trying to decide on a pattern.
    i finally settled for the zucchini but still suffered buyer's remorse after.
    it's like, even after you select one pattern/design, you still know there are lots of the same kind out there that you won't be able to get.
    and that kinda turns me off.
    but then, once i make it mine, i feel good about the purchase.
    so i guess it's really up to whether you REALLY want the bag or not.
    if you really want it, then you'd probably be willing to overlook anything that stands between you and the bag. hehe.
    this post is making me sound schizo. :blink:
  5. TammyD, I share the same sentiments. I'm totally not into any of the B.Fendi bags...None appeals to me :worried:
  6. I dont like the B-bag at all.... I think they are too sharp to me.
  7. I'm a big Celine fan and have 2 of their limited ed boogie bags. I will be getting the Clandestine in place of the B.Fendi I had originally been saving for. Since I've already gotten the Spy in delicious dark chocolate :smile:))
  8. I liked the Fendi at the start, and still like them.
  9. I think the buckles are very tacky, but it is growing on me, I like it depending on color variations, but i would never consider getting it for myself.
  10. It is also growing on me. But I have yet to see one IRL. I think that will be the deal breaker for me! I know I'll either love it, or hate it.

    I do like the Fendi B. Belts though!!
  11. I don't like the fendi b bags. because they remind me of saggin boobs with nipple piercings.. I think this was in another thread.. too.
  12. That cracks me up! The more I see them, the more I like them.
  13. Me too :love: I picked up a copy of Bazaar yesterday at the grocery store and there are a few in different colors featured in there. I think it looks really cool :nuts:
  14. Actually, the most popular color combination black patent buckles with tan leather is waitlist only and gone from saks.com and neimans.com.

    I was not a fan until I went to a Fendi fashion show and tried them on backstage. The black patent leather is very very sexy. The smaller size is smaller than you might imagine and fits nicely on the shoulder, the larger size is not as big as I expected. I think you need to think from the standpoint of someone wearing a nice pencil skirt and ruffled blouse with heels. It is not a bag to be worn with jeans and a sweatshirt. It is no paddigton slouch bag...it says "Posture! Stand up straight!"
  15. Mmm. This actually makes the bag sound even more attractive to me. I'll have to try it on in real life. The Holt's near me doesn't carry it -- will have to travel.