why I didn't buy a choo today

  1. I went to Saks to buy a pair of jimmy choo...
    and had to walk out, because
    none of the sales guys would help me.
    There was only 1 other customer who was way over on the other side of the floor and then me,
    i stared at these two idiots and finally one of them came up to me.
    I asked to try on a pair of jimmy choo, and the guy said right away
    they are $465!!!
    jesus dude, are you serious?????? obviously he thought I couldn't afford them.
    So I took my money to LV and bought a pair of shoes there.

    I really wanted to buy those Jimmy Choo satin lithe stilettos, but I decided I wouldn't give them the commission.

    what a day. I guess I look poor hahahahah
  2. that really sucks, hun, but you had the power in the end - to take your money and spend it elsewhere!

    : )
  3. I'm sorry that happened to you, absolutely no excuse, obviously not a very successful sales person turning away an eager customer - how can so many get it wrong? Glad he didn't get your commission.
  4. I would contact the store manager and complain:cursing: No one deserves to be treated like that. How do they know you didn't have $$$$$. Things like that really Mikel me mad and I have complained when it happens to me.
  5. Sorry that happened to you - you should have done a Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and gone back with your LV purchase and said "you work on commission right?!".
  6. I'm sorry about your experience. I'm glad that you ended up going elsewhere. You should definitely speak to a manager about your experience.
  7. I had that happen in Philly in either Saks or Neimans (can't remember). I wanted a pair of shoes and nobody came up to me, not once. I kept roaming around and coming back and nothing. Finally I said screw it and bought some from Charles David.

    All people at Saks aren't like that though. I've had ones in Tampa fight over just bring me a shoe to try on.
  8. Definitely speak to the store manager. Who do some of these sales people think they are to make people feel like crap for wanting a pair of nice shoes? Sorry for that! Glad you didn't let them get commission they clearly didn't deserve.
  9. If you really want them, you should get them. Don't let rude salespeople get in between you and your shoes. Order them online from jimmy choo, or nm, or saks.
  10. you should definitely tell the manager.. they are being paid decent money to provide good customer service, not only are they not doing that they are clearly undermining you. I get so upset sometimes with bad customer service. People think they can get away with just about anything and sometimes they just need to be reprimanded. When you walk into a professional setting you are always treated with respect, there is no reason for you not to expect the same thing when you walk into a retail store; high end or not.
  11. Or be really awful to the SA - Go back to the shop, get dressed really nice including one of your lovely handbags - but don't wash your feet :p and get him to bring you loads of shoes .

    (To all the lovely SA's out there I am only joking - brit sarcastic sense of humour)
  12. I would have tried them on and bought them online! (and told them that too)
  13. Buy those shoes online and wear them back to Saks. Go strut them in front of those snooty SAs.
  14. Definitely speak with the manager. They are sales people, not paid for negative comments! Explain exactly why you took your money elsewhere.
  15. Aren't they not supposed to bring up price unless you ask? It should be assumed that you know what you're asking for.