Why I and you should repect celebs and not beleve this trash!!!

  1. Becuase the paparazzi make everything up and twist everything to sell magazines! thats thier job and even though we are told time nd time again we still belive it, (yes is some cases it is true) but i have a thing for Britney particularly she is agreat mum (mom for americans) all the stuff abotu her is not true! I dont know why but Britney is allways surrounded by paparazzi, i mean shes run over there feet when they surround her car (im sure it was by accident who would want to do that?) but i was reading a magazine at lunch yeaterday and i saw a photo of her on the street holding her son, meanwhile bieng surrounded by paparazzi at least 20+ (the average celeb get 5 when walking own the street and doing basiclly nothing) but no brit allway get more anyway in this case brit was walking down the street holding her son in her hands one of the paparazzi was shouting profanities and saying that shes going to burn in hell for bieng such a bad mother, she was put off and turned to the direction of the person who said it shocked by this meanwhile she lost some suporrt of her son, and his head fell to the side, instantly that picture was snaped up by those 20 paparazzi and they have proof of Britney as a negilgent mother i.e. looking away while her child is almost falling out of her arms. Obviously instantly she gained support of her child and ran to her car where she began crying. yes tha paparzzi took photos of this claming she is accepting the fact that she is a horrorable mother and doesnt treat her son correctly. Now any mother here knows how hard it is bieng a parent and as if youve never accidently lost grip of your child before? does that make you unfit to be a parent heck some parents have dropped thier kids on thier heads and are never criticized, so the moral of this stiory is most of these photos are fake and the strys behind them are made up dont believe them and make up your own mind!!!!!
  2. You should learn how to break up paragraphs so your posts are more easily readible.

    and I don't think EVERYTHING is extremely "twisted" and sold to magazines..and I think you using Britney as an example weakens your argument.

    Is she a bad mother? We'll never know for sure. Has she had major QUESTIONABLE lapses in judgements inregards to her child? Yes. Alot of the **** that happens to her, you CANNOT blame the photogs or whoever that are trailing her.

    Ie: Her putting Sean Preston on her lap while driving? - MORONIC..and trying to blame the press for that..even MORE moronic.

    Not putting him in a rear facing child seat? STUPIDER.

    And quite frankly, the whole issue you're citing (which is SO old news), was not the photogs fault either, even though her reps tried to illustraite it that way. Trying to balance a drink in one hand, a child in the other, and wearing high (ugly) wedge sandals, she simply almost tripped on the curb.

    So you're saying that we shouldn't believe magazines, but you're saying that Britney is a "great mom.." tell me how so? Do you personally know her?

    And running over someones feet....more stupid actions on her part.

    But truly makes her the biggest moron in the world is the fact that she

    A) Married K-fed
    B) Had a child with him
    C) Is having ANOTHER of his children.

    So where do you get these stats (5 vs 20), anyways? Cause I certainly have seen more photogs following Parasite and Hohan when I've seen them around LA.

    and the nature of the job (of being a celebrity) is having that element of press/paparzzi follow them around. People like Britney Spears act like they hate it, but in reality they know that without that "free" press, they'd be nothings. Everyone knows that they manipulate the press for personal gain, anyways.

  3. "Her putting Sean Preston on her lap while driving? - MORONIC..and trying to blame the press for that..even MORE moronic."
    yes holding a child whist driving is not safe and should not be done i agree but in britneys defense she was sourounded by paparazzi and she did not have the time to put the chid in its restraint in teh back seat and then get to the front and drive away, i dont know is she spent the whole ride with the child because that is horrorable or if she was running away fromt eh press until she had time to put him correctly in the restraint, bieng a mother means you should protect your chils and all costs she was trying to do this a quickly as possible.

    "Not putting him in a rear facing child seat? STUPIDER."
    I dont know about the US but here is Australia we have the child restraints in teh back of the car thats where it is suggested becuase if in some case the restraint breaks durring a crash the child will hit the back of either seat and have a greater chance of survival/less injury. correct me if im wrong but i think it makes more sense than teh front seat where a child can easily smash ito the from glass pannel and break it causing death.

    "and the nature of the job (of being a celebrity) is having that element of press/paparzzi follow them around. People like Britney Spears act like they hate it, but in reality they know that without that "free" press, they'd be nothings. Everyone knows that they manipulate the press for personal gain, anyways." yes with fame so does the drawbacks of paparazzi that is a drawback of the job what do you expect celebrities to do while people scream at them for certain reactions, we just dont understand becuase it doesnt happen to us on a daily basis, im sure you would be much more sympathetic if it were you and everyday and it happened to the same extent If everytime you went outside your house there is a line oh photographers doing this to you, everytime you take out the trash they steal it to search for evidence to get more dirt. Im not saying celberities dont take advantage of this for the odd publicity stunt but seriously i know i wouldnt wish something like that on anybody. but people like you are the type im trying to get through to, i know yuo probly wotn believe me and thats your choice but i think you should think twice when you judge a celbrity on a picture you see in a magazine!
  4. and i agree with you i dont personally like kevin from WHAT I HAVE SEEN of him, and i think she deseves someone better but thats IMO
  5. OMG! I DON'T CARE ABOUT BRITNEY OR HER STUPID HUSBAND!!!!! Who cares???!!!!!!!!!!

    NaughtyMo... Dudette, don't buy the magazines... even if everything about britney is fake or stupid stories... Blah blah.... JUST DON'T BUY IT!
  6. calm down chanel!:flowers:I was just voicing my opions so that people dont believe everything thay read beacuse most of it is highly edited in some way, thats the point of the thread i started!:yes:
  7. PROTECTING from what exactly? The photogs? All they are doing are TAKING HER PHOTO. You make it sound like they're attacking Britney, which they weren't doing. It WAS safe for her to put him in a child seat IF she thought of it. First you say "She did not have time.." then you say "being a mother means you should protect your.." Those two comments totally contradict eachother..because she did have time to do it, and by letting him ride on her lap, she was doing the opposite of 'protecting' him.

    Umm, read my post carefully. I never said "front seat." I should have clarified though, but I thought "read facing child seat" would suffice. The problem at hand is that Britney had him in a forward facing child seat in the rear, which is a NONO for children under an x amount of weight.

    So, is this happening to you? Are YOU a celebrity? DO U have photogs outside of your house waiting to take your photos. If not, then you don't have much to comment here. What made you the poster child to further this crusade of yours to get whatever message "through to me?" I never said i'm judging sole from one picture, but when you piece alot of things together, that are not denyable based on pictures (ie, the things I mentioned previously), Britney is making it fairly easy for people to ridicule her.

    1 point for valiant effort, but I fail to see what point you're trying to convey here. To have pity on celebrities for their misactions? IF so, you should have choosen a better example then..BRITNEY SPEARS..she practically courts stupidity considering the fact she's married to such a bonehead.

    We're not stupid, people don't just read the "National Enquirer," "In Touch," or "US Weekly" and believe everything in it. If that were the case, Bragelina would have long been married, J. Lo would be a mother by now, and Nicole Richie would be dead. Do you think people do not realize that most entertainment news is "sensationalized?" and that you're a rare minority who see's that?

    You say people shouldn't believe the "highly edited" writing and "photos" in magazines, but it seems like you've been believing the 'highky edited' explanations for everything her reps have put out...:rolleyes:
  8. you know what tim, I was just trying to make a statement to maek people rethink abotu what they read in these magazines, (th problem with forums and internet chat is tone cannot be identified) the tone that that appears that you are writting in to be demeaning and inapropriate, I'm not personally attacking you I would aprreciate it if yuo would do it to me. I really think you are taking this to a different level which I dont want to go to, If you are going to get this heated over an arguement over a celebrity then lets just settle this now and agree to disagree? I never ment to offend you or anyone but you may have miss interpreted my intentions of this and how this came across (as explained previously about tone) so i apologise for any misscommunications on my behalf.
  9. To make it simple-
    Do not place any value on these clebs in your life. They are just people...people that have been glorified and overly paid and the more we drool over them the more it will never end.

    PLace more value on your family, friends, and your life.

    When we read all this gossip and get so into it...it feeds exactly what THEY want...and that is how they all make more money.

    It is fine to look at them from a distance, but place more value on the things closer to you and invest time into that. You will become more at peace and happy.

    It is not really worth an arguement here...step back...analyze it like the whole Brit thing and you will see it is ridiculous.
  10. Britney is a celebrity and she is being watched whereever she goes. Whatever she does will likely be photographed...so don't blame the photographers for being there at the right time.

    Britney or any celebs should feel happy that people want to photograph them. The day that they don't is...a major problem.
  11. I like my DH's thoughts on this. Lately at home I have made some remarks about what I thought about Tom Cruise. Then he asked me, "Do you think Tom Cruise really cares what we think of him?"

  12. My feeling exactly. If ANY parent out there had photographers constanly surrounding them and screaming at them and taking pictures how many times would YOU look like an unfit parent. Accidents happen, its a given that children are going to fall and bump themselves. I believe Brit is a good mother and everyone should leave her alone.
  13. (puts on flamesuit)

    Umm...this is a purse forum, where we talk about frivilous things, and there is a celebrity section in this forum...to do what in???


    GEEZ - Naughtymanolo - I agree with your first post, and don't see why you are having to defend yourself. I have seen your photos and read your posts and know that you are NOT obsessing over Britney in your spare time.

    You were merely making a thread with a point and for some reason you got flamed for it, and then belittled for talking about a celebrity in the CELEBRITY FORUM.

    Geez people lighten up - remember where you are; look at the title of the forum page: "Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged".

  14. I have to agree.