Why I am REPULSED by girls who have LV bags

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  1. I don't mean any specific offense to any of you "shallow obsessors" but I want to make a few points.

    1.) LV bags are inherently ugly. You basically like them as they are a status symbol and are expensive.

    2.) LVs encourage class warfare and are basically used to make other girls jealous that you have more money, or, more likely, more expensive goods, than them.

    3.) It doesn't take any sense of "style" to go out and spend $1000 on a bag. It takes a lack of it in my opinion. Style is looking good, perhaps looking different and breaking the trend. Style is maintaining a good physique, a healthy attitude, and self-confidence.

    4.) If you spent as much time and money and energy on expanding your mind, shrinking your bodies (i.e. working out), and establishing your own worth outside of material objects, not only would you be happier, but the world would be as well.

    5.) If you spent just 10% of the effort you put into purse shopping, admiring others' purses, reading about purses, writing about purses, ect. on being better in the bedroom, you would be happier, more fulfilled, and a better catch for worthwhile men than carrying around some stupid bag.

    6.) Men don't find LV bags attractive. In fact, many men are repulsed by them as they can and do signifiy gold-diggers or at least materialistic women.

    You may argue that men spend a lot of time and energy and money on "useless" hobbies such as sports and cars, and I wouldn't disagree. But I digress.

    Nothing can be said to justify the time, energy, and money you spend on pursuing this rather useless hobby

    The underlying pathology underlying this behavior is your desire to consume, because all you ladies KNOW that as you buy one desired bag, your apparent happiness is transient, for your eye is already on the next bag.
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  3. Thank God, different people have different tastes...
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  5. are you serious?

    did u wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? why all the anger? hello, it's a purse board, if you don't like LV go someplace else, perhaps finding an anti LV forum would be better for you rather than going to a LV lover forum :flowers:
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    I give this one a 8.5/10 for creativity.
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  8. Offense taken. You're not likely to find any fans here with that sort of attitude. Go somewhere else to preach about your ideas
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  12. Now THAT is a troll, if anyone was looking for a definitive example. LOL
  13. Well, glad to hear your opinion here. Some of us don't like LV for SOME of the reasons you have stated but some of us do. *shrug* That's your opinion. Thanks for sharing.
  14. LOL! I am only responding here to try out the new smilies...:rolleyes:
  15. Feel better now hun?
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