Why I am REPULSED by clueless pontificating Ph.Ds

  1. I don't mean any specific offense to any of you "shallow obsessors" but I want to make a few points.

    1. Because male physicians are inherently ugly. You basically like them because to date them are a status symbol and they are emotionally expensive.

    2.) Physicians encourage class warfare and are basically used to make other girls jealous that you have more money, or, more likely, more expensive goods, than them. Even if they dress in horrible 80's corduroy they needed their moms to help them pick out.

    3.) It doesn't take any sense of "style" to go out and spend $10 on a physician. It takes a lack of it in my opinion. Style is looking good, perhaps looking different and breaking the trend. Style is maintaining a good physique, a healthy attitude, and self-confidence. I'll get back to you if I ever obtain any of the above.

    4.) If you spent as much time and money and energy on expanding your mind, shrinking your bodies (i.e. working out), and establishing your own worth outside of material objects, not only would you be happier, but the world would be as well. But Matt. Matt, Matt, you don't even — you're glib. Here's the problem. You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do.


    5.) If you spent just 10% of the effort you put into purse shopping, admiring others' purses, reading about purses, writing about purses, ect. on being better in the bedroom, you would be happier, more fulfilled, and a better catch for worthwhile men than carrying around some stupid bag. Translation: OOPS, I think I've said too much about my private life, there.... I wish she'd come back to me....

    6.) Women don't find physicians attractive. In fact, many women are repulsed by them and have to keep forcing themselves to try and like them because they're usually such self-important cheapass blowhards.

    Nothing can be said to justify the time, energy, and money you spend on pursuing this rather useless endeavor. If you're dating a physician, you are wasting your time. ANY physician. Doesn't matter, they're all bad. Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype, that's my motto.

    The underlying pathology underlying this underlying behavior is your underlying desire to consume, because all you underlying physicians KNOW that as you isolate yourself more and more from people and society, your apparent underlying inferiority complex is transparent.

  2. :noggin: :roflmfao: OMG you nailed it on the head classwhore!!!
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  4. Excuse me now while I try and find the "BLOWHARD Ph.D forum" so I can now go ahead and agitate them with my self-important MOMMY issues.
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  6. My husband is in Med school.. I'm applying this year.. right now writing my personal statement as I type away more in this forum..LOL..LOL..So we will be physicians someday... hopefully, *gulp*

    Anyways I'm stressed out..and I just wanted to vent.
    So please excuse my idea of a cruel satire..

    4 years of medical school and god knows how many years of residency. Long way to go till we get settled. We don't care about saving money till then or where we spend it because we don't earn any!!! We live lavishly spending our parent's hard earned cash buying all the LV bags I so desire. My mom wants me to be a pretty and fashionable doctor not a smart one!

    We are so materialistic we wanna become plastic surgeons or dermatologists. With no health insurance we can make money by giving rich women bigger boobs or peeling skin with two freckles with laser!!...Hell we'll even sell unsafe drugs and ointments with serious side effects in the name of anti-wrinkle if we get paid tons of cash commission and goodies from pharmaceutical co.

    We'll spend all our money earn buying LV purses and HOT red Ferraris.. I'll spend so much time on PS and thinking about bags at night I'll be late, even worse, fall asleep in surgery and stitch up a patient with a pair of scissors still in him!!

    We don't even wanna have kids because we are so materialistic and selfish we just wanna spend all our money on ourselves. The only times I think about having kids is when I see all those beautiful expensive baby stuff on display at boutiques.

    Oops gotto get back to writing my application.. or I can't get into medical school to do all the things I said above!!!

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: (I love this emotiocon)

    Oh boy that guy antiLV just made my day..
    It was fun ladies!!
  7. Ummm... totally agree!!!
  8. There's an even bigger pathology in all of this for me. You see, I am a PhD, and I need handbags to give my life meaning. After all, I live in Seattle. The weather is ALWAYS sh*tty, there are no jobs, the coffee is awful, the sun never shines, there is nothing to do, and the volcanic ash plays havoc with electronic devices.

    The food in Seattle is as bland as a communion wafer.

    The people in Seattle are characterless and somber. They are so depressed that they will wait for the proper signal at a crosswalk even in the middle of the night when there are no cars. The nightlife is non-existent and what passes for beer is just really dirty water.

    Popular activities include suicide and staying indoors to avoid the rain. Last month, it rained heavily the entire month. Really. Every day, every hour. You can't stay dry, no matter how hard you try.

    For gardening, people grow mold and mildew. Trees also abound, but avoid them. They whisper things to you if are too close. Things that sane people shouldn't know.

    Starter homes in the slums go for about $10M due to Bill Gates owning them all. Most people can't afford to live here. All I can do to make it through each day of this hellish existence is to think of my next visit to Louis Vuitton.

    The End.

  9. Haha, I saw you in the thread and was waiting for you to post, I was like "What's taking her?
    "Goddamn it, those were $500 scissors, too!"

    But really, Joanna... you have to be ugly and self-involved, it's a prerequisite to be a physician! Isn't it the secret course titled, "Condescension 101?"

  10. Hahah, I can't top this. :lol:

  11. Oh My God...
    This is too funny I have to show it to my husband... and suggest we move there?!?!
  12. That is probably one of the most intellegently entertaining things I have ever read in my life...may I save that and give you credit?:yes: Thank you for the monday morning smile=)
  13. :roflmfao: way to go!!
  14. Roo, thank you for that gorgeously written prose. It perfectly expresses the hopelessness of every university fashionista I have ever known.

    As you know, I'm a stone's throw away in Vancouver, and I can sooooooooo relate... except we don't even have Saks, NM, BG, Elux or online shopping to help with our handbag deficit. I used to get my fix on PF Marketplace..

    Meanwhile... I 'll keep tending to my mildew garden, I think it's gonna bloom very very soon!!! ;)