Why Hermes don't repair my clic clac?

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  1. Hi there:
    I took my clic clac to the Hermes store to polish it and to repair the closure because it fell down and doesn't close as before. The SA said that they don't do it and I can take it to any other jeweller. Why? Is it true? They have jewellery too.
  2. Hi I went to the local hermes here because my enamil is loose, and they could fix it they will just charge me :smile:
  3. Where did you purchase your clic-clac from? Was it from the same store as the one you sent it in to?
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  4. thats weird ... my best friend clic clac even got brand new replacement when they couldnt fix it ... its H clic clac, why on earth the SA told u to go to the jeweller, like they know better than H people? LOL ... go back there and talk to the manager dear :graucho:
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  5. ^ I agree.
  6. I hate to ask, but are you sure your bracelet is authentic? I've seen fake clic clacs on FeeBay.
  7. My thoughts exactly.

    H will refuse service on any item it suspects to be unauthentic.

    As long as the item is authentic, they will service it, no matter which store it was from.
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  8. I had a loose spring in my clic clac and H took it in and tightened it for free. Bracelet was bought in Europe and serviced in US.
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  9. hmm sounds odd... i had an enamel bangle repaired ( the rims came loose) and it was fixed free of charge.
  10. It is authentic and I bought it from the same boutique that refused to repair in doha and I still have my receipt but the SA told me that they don't repair. I found it weird.
  11. ^ Did you talk to the manager?
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  12. I've never before heard of an Hermes store not repairing something that is authentic. My H boutique doesn't repair in house but they send things out to the NY store to be repaired, polished or restored. But they ALWAYS do it.
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  13. I think they would do it..I was just in our H store and a lady had a key ring (really cool one in silver with and H in a circle) the SA hadn't ever seen it but got the book out, looked it up and sent it in for repair..no problems. She was told she might not even have to pay?
  14. I chipped my clic-clac's enamel and H repaired it.

    Did you take it to a franchised Hermes store?

    Try another store. If the other store takes it in, put in a formal complaint about the bad store.
  15. I'm hoping to bump this thread up because I have a similar situation as OP.

    I have a clic clac (not brand new, but adefinitely authentic) where the palladium finish has chipped off. I can see the underlying metal which is a darker color than the silvery palladium finish. I took my bracelet to my local store and the SAs there were not very encouraging. One SA asked another whether Hermes even repairs these kinds of bracelets?; then another said that maybe I can pay to have it "replated" like Hermes does for belt bucklets?; and another chimed in and said they could send it to Paris, but who knows; and then the first SA said it would probably be less expensive to just buy myself a new clic clac (i.e., spend the $560 and toss my original.) In sum, I didn't get the sense that any of them wanted to trouble themselves by coordinating such a repair job.

    Has anyone had repairs done on the palladium silver portion of their clic clac bracelets? Did it require replating? Is the repair cost so great that I'm better off buying a new one as the SA suggested? Any advice would be appreciated.

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