why hermès bags are an investment ...

  1. ..and can save your a$$

    i decided to write this just maybe it can help some wonderful ladies here to justify their spendings on hermès

    i am a hermés addict since years and years and really managed to accumulate a gorgeous collection during the last decade but then it happened. my exhusband filed for divorce and even though i worked ans got a good salary i was totally lost and nearly homeless. as all our accounts my jewelry collection and our real estate were frozen until the final settlement (which unfortunately took ages to be solved finally)
    the only thing i had was myself my bags and my shoes nothing else but a girl need to live somewhere and could´nt get my hands on my or our funds to get me a condo furniture and a car i need to sell my hermès collection. with the result : i got more money for old bags then i paid at the time i bought them and for the newer or unused ones nearly 50% over listprice (my sa helped me to sell my collection to another collector)
    without my bags i would have been totally lost and on the streets but due to them they paid my interim appartment a car and all the expenses during one year of divorce struggles.


    i never ever regretted to spend money there and you see it was wise to do so . now my divorce is over the settlement solved and the first i did is ordering bags to built my collection up again

    but this time even more fabulous than it was before that is what i swear :shame: :lol:

    so to all you wonderfull ladies here enjoy your bags and stay the way you are :flowers:
  2. Thank you, Lilach. I've tried to explain this to other women, and it doesn't get through to them. Hermes is the only handbag that will retain it's retail price over time. So yes, I consider it an investment as well.
  3. wow, i learn something new everyday. i definitely will remember this story.
  4. Oh, Thank you Lilach! It's so good to hear this as I contemplate THE largest purchase I've made to date. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!!!!
  5. Wow - lilach, it sounds like you have been through a lot and I admire your fortitude. Your bags helped you out when you needed them and now you're building an even better collection! WTG!!
  6. Excellent reasoning! Sorry you had to go through that though- but it sounds like you are a woman in control! An example to us all!
  7. I'm sorry you had to sell your collection, but I'm glad you had it to fall back on. I'm happy to hear you're building another collection! Good for you! Thanks for the insight.
  8. ....and now I don't feel so guilty about the new wish list I just made!! HAHA!
  9. What a story!
  10. :flowers: thanks a lot and believe me my new collection will be stunning. and you know what once i got it accumulated i will photograph it together with my real estate my enormous jewelry collection and a copy of my bank accounts! than send it to my ex-husband and his new "girly toy" :sick: togehter with a letter stating "thank you for divorcing me" and to girly toy "i know you slept with him to get all this but unfortunately that is now mine feel sorry for you and by the way he is broke"

    :angel: :angel: :angel:

    eg. of course you´ll be the first to see the bags once they are starting to arrive :flowers:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Oh, this is toooo good, Lilach......
  12. You go girl!!!!!
  13. You Go Girl!

    LOL! Shopmom we posted that at the exact same time! Great minds think alike!
  14. I totally feel for you Lilach and know what you must have been through since I went through a similar ordeal...and all the time I thought "if the worst comes to the worst, I'll sell my H collection.." Luckily I've managed not to so far, but one never knows in life, and I'm glad I've got these bags and I don't feel too guilty when I buy a new one for this exact reason; I feel much more guilty buying a 1000$ LV than a 5000$ Hermès...that's why I only buy H now...:flowers:
  15. lilach...so glad you are on the Forum since I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from you!! You deserve the best collection there is and please take pics of your bags, etc...love to see. I need to do the same thing too.
    Duna...I feel the same as you do about LV! I do love vintage LV...I feel that's worth it.