Why haven't I looked at the Baggy GM before?

  1. Ya'll are going to get so sick of my search for the perfect shoulder bag!!!:nuts: I went looking today....again....and looked at each bag carefully. I really want a top zipper, although I would love to blame it on the kids, I am really bad at just putting a purse on the car seat and everything spilling out at the first turn....it has happened more than once.:Push:
    Anyways, after taking another look, I really think the Baggy GM might work well for me. I love it in fuschia!! So, what are the positives and negatives??

    I want a little extra room so in case I have to carry some extra stuff, I can put them in my bag. I have a speedy 30 and that works well for me size wise, I just want a shoulder strap bag, especially for the holiday season when I will be doing more shopping in crowded areas.

    I am 5'2" but preggie with #3.....so as the belly gets bigger.......:lol: and I like bags a little bigger, but not HUGE.

    Opinions please???
  2. no negatives for me. I have one in blue and fuschia. I have not used the fuschia one yet but I adore my blue one.

    First off its shoulder bag---so that's a plus

    Second its slouchy--so it looks great no matter how much stuff you put in it.

    I just love it. Get one :nuts:

    You won't be disappointed
  3. It is so weird....when looking at all the shoulder bags, there was always ONE problem with each bag, and I was trying to decide if I could live with them or not...
    the BH- no zipper, great looking bag, awesome shape, but no zipper
    CP- zipper but all that leather to get dirty......I want a bag to use, not freak out if I have to sit it down for a second, KWIM???

    This might be the one bag that feels right, does that sound weird??? I love the pockets on the front too!!
  4. I say if you have little child extras go for the GM, the pm will be too small. Unless you only carry a small wallet, key and cell. Even then i wouldnt say there is room for a bottle or two, change of clothes and a few diapers.

    Here are star's pic's of the gm and she's only 5'3
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    the bag looks wonderful on her.
  5. No it does not sound weird. its a great bag and it really looks better on than in a display.

    it because of the slouchy look. maybe that's why some don;t give it much attention in the boutique. its kinda blah on display.

    But when you try it on----BAM:nuts: :wlae:

    its great. It hold a bunch.

    Good luck. Hope you get it. Also its good too b-cuz you don't see it being carried everywhere. I love that. It's not a common bag
  6. Thank you for the pics!!!!
    I am really tempted......my fingers are getting very twitchy.....wanting to go order right now!!!!:nuts:
  7. I got the PM but I think the GM would work really well for you even my smaller bag fits LOTS & LOTS, don't forget to get the extra long strap so you can wear it messenger style & leave you hands free to deal with the kids
  8. Congratulaions on your pregnancy with your third child! I just had my first....well, he is 8 months old...I can't BELIEVE how fast time goes by....

    But, I had to switch from carrying tiny hand-held bags....to shoulder bags....and want the same things you do.....Can't carry an infant and a mini-speedy LOL. I also feel better with a zipper. I would worry about bending over to pick him up and lose everything out of the top of the bag. I feel safe once it is zipped.

    I have the Baggy PM in denim and love it....it is very lightweight and comfortable. I always have a diaper bag with me.....because he is still young....so I don't need to fit a huge amount in my bag....but perhaps with your other children you might need to carry more in your bag....

    If the PM is too small, I would recommend the GM....... I am still trying to decide between the Popincourt Haut, Cabas Piano, Tulum, and Hudson as a possible second shoulder bag. I love the Hudson, but the buckle might be hard to get in and out of with one hand.

    The Baggy is also great as an everyday bag....casual, but in an elegant way.....not much vachetta to worry about is a definite plus! Let us know what you decide!
  9. Okay...I did it.....for some reason I have been on the fence except for this one....I really like the fuschia so I think that sent me over. I can't wait. I ordered the baggy gm in fuschia!!! Can't wait!!! And also the belem pm for an evening bag, but will have to keep that one in the closet for awhile, and bring it out in a little while (DH, need I say more??? LOL).
  10. Ahhh congrats. You'll love it. :nuts:
  11. WOO HOO!!! You'll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <<-----I LOVE mine! It is sooooo pretty! The color is so vibrant! :yahoo:

    Congrats with lil bundle # 3 and a "LV" beauty as well!!:nuts:
  12. Congrats on the bag & the #3 :yahoo: .
    I just had #2 and just bought the baggy GM in the blue and can't wait to get it. I wanted a great shoulder bag when I saw a few PF'ers with their baggy GM bag I fell in love! :love:
    The fushia is a *gorgeous* color too! :yes: Great choice!
  13. Thank you for all the warm baby wishes...it's weird, #1-everyone happy, congrats, #2-happy congrats #3- and they start to look at you like the energizer bunny!!! LOL!!

    I can't wait for the new bags. I always wanted a pink purse but never really found one that I was in love with....this may be it!!!!