Why have my number of Posts dropped since yesterday's maintenance?

  1. I posted this question in the COACH Forum, and other members responded that their number of Posts have dropped too after Saturday's maintenance, what happened?

    I don't keep an eye on my Post count, but I was excited that I had over 430 Posts, then after the maintenance, I immediately noticed that it had been reduced to around 330. A change of ~100 Posts!

    I try not to make silly comments just to add to my Posts count, but now I"ll need to loiter more just to gain back what I've lost...

    Help, what happened?:confused1:
  2. Now that you mention it, mine dropped, too!
  3. Many members used the Newcomer's Lounge to increase their post counts by repeatedly posting short welcome messages by the hundreds. I deleted that forum, that is why your post counts dropped.
  4. Hi Vlad, Thanks for the reply and explanation.

    Obviously, I did post to the Newcomers lounge to Welcome others from time to time, as I am new to the Forum as well. At least that explains the decrease in my numbers.

    I suppose removing the Newcomer's Lounge is one way to keep the irrelevant comments from adding to the Posts counts. However, I regularly see posts by members in the COACH Forum that appear to be short & silly comments being made just to increase their counts. So there doesn't seem to be a way to completely prevent intentional increases on all fronts?

    Thanks & Have a Great Day!
  5. ^can't fix everything:nogood: but you guys have NO idea how big a problem it was in Newcomer's Forum, just trust that we know what we're doing ;)
  6. Yeah, like the 1,000,000,000 thread...that one was a problem too. :wacko:
  7. I am glad that was all changed, I noticed how some members would copy and paste the same exact welcome message and post it in many of those threads, and sometimes, I noticed how a few members would post the same message a few times in the same thread even! I just found it disrespectful to the newcomers, so I am glad something was done about it, you guys are always on top of things here!!:tup:
  8. ugh! Well it hasn't stopped at least one of them:rolleyes:

    I guess sincerity is unnecessary to some people.

    We don't give prizes for top poster! LOL!
    <--- TRUST ME, look at mine:shame:

  9. I think this is an excellent move on your part Vlad. I know I have addressed this in previous threads and questioned peoples intentions.
    Swanky was it you I was talking with about noticing a new member who had only ever posted in the newcomers forum? I find it totally bizarre........

    Quality control!!
    Excellent, excellent move.
  10. Oh, well this explains the post fluctuation. I've never posted in the Newcomer's Lounge, but I thought I'd noticed some post reduction - I just thought I'd lost count LOL

    Vlad must have done other spring cleaning throughout the year...
  11. [coco] it may have been me. . . close to 95% of their posts were

    or something equally eloquent and sincere right?
  12. ^^ Yep, the sincere: heyyyyyyyy, the very thoughtful: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, and don't forget the: hellooooooooooooooooo :lol:

    Lately I also welcomed some new members, because I felt sorry for them when they posted their first thread and didn't receive any replies. But at least I tried to include their name when I was replying or tried to answer any questions.

    Don't have to worry about that anymore now :nogood:
  13. Nat, you're always thoughtful and sincere:love:
  14. I don't greet people. My post count stayed the same. LOL
  15. oh there is much to be said for a generic hhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......... not.
    LOL - yes this particular member had hundreds and hundreds of welcomes and not much else...
    Just chuck the new comers in the deep end I say!! Besides, I think most people welcome a new name when they see one. I do not believe I ever introduced myself in the new comers lounge... I joined to have a good b*t*h about fake bags and how much I hate them... ahhhh, I found my neiche.

    Do you know how many posts were deleted? Thousands I bet....