Why hasn't this ink city sold on eBay?

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  1. Good luck!
  2. I don't know, I was looking at it, too. Maybe the price is high? Or people waiting until the end of auction is near? I was thinking about putting an offer until I saw another one from lvlady99. Did she give you a reason for the expired offer? How much did you put in for? It sure looks like a nice Ink City, though. Good luck!
  3. I had put in an offer a few days ago and it was denied right off the bat. I guess too low :shrugs:
  4. i think the seller is hoping someone will take the BIN... 8 offers. wow!
  5. It can easily be that a lot of this offers were just ridiculous. I had this when I sold my Paddie all 6 offers I got were insulting like 300-450€ for a bag in mint condition. In the end I sold it for my asking price to a girl on the German Purseforum. The seller has probably the automatic declining response enabled so that she doesn't even look into the declined offers.
    Good luck to whoever gets this bag.:smile:
    But IMO the BIN is to high as there are alot of ink citys out there and the sales on eBay are really slow these days.
  6. I agree the BIN is too high. People just don't want to pay over retail on these bags. I think PF'ers are the only ones that will pay a lot, and that's for older colors. I think this is too high for such a recent bag, especially since they turn up on eBay all the time.
  7. ^^I agree, only us 'PFers' would pay above retail! Although, Ink City is and was a very popular color and style for a while, selling on eBay in high $1300s and even $1400 once! (But those were NWT)
  8. My offer was reasonable, I thought. After it expired I emailed and asked to let me know her best price, which is pretty close to her BIN. Will have to watch and see what happens. The seller is in the same city I am in, so it would be nice to be able to pick this up instead of shipping it.
  9. Good Question! I think the seller is holding out until the end ~ this colour is high demand. Best of luck!
  10. flipflop, put another offer near the end of auction and see what happens. She will probably relist with lower BIN if she really wants to sell this one. Good luck!