Why hasn't some of the transparent inclusion come out yet???

  1. i've been waiting forever for a transparent inclusion ring and bracelet
    but they don't seem to be out yet for some reason..:confused1:
    i thought they were supposed to come out with the framboise ones

    does anyone have any of these two items already??? if so, please kindly post ur pics :drool:
    or is it just in Bangkok where i can't it them??:Push:

    thx, ladies
  2. I think they've come out in Europe or at least Germany? I remember a German seller had one for sale on ebay. They're not in the US yet...my SA has no clue when they're coming in though, but he's going to let me know once they do!
  3. The berry I ordered should be here in 2 days... still waiting patiently for the transparent though... there's none in Canada right now :wondering
  4. I'm also waiting fora call from my SA. She's really good,so they must just not be here yet!:yes:
  5. Not in Canada yet, my SA has no clue when they'll come in!
  6. i thought France's supposed to have everything first. last week my friend checked out some of the paris stores and they don't carry any yet. they dont' seem to be out anywhere!!!:confused1:

    i wonder why, when the berrys are out practically everywhere!!

    do u think they have some problems with the production??? since it's all transparent (without the white background like the speedy keyring or the hair cubes)??? could this be???:idea: :confused1: :cursing:
  7. Is berry ones out already??
  8. ^ I'm pretty sure. There were a lot of pictures a while ago of people wearing the rings and bracelets on here.
  9. My thoughts too, maybe they ran into some problems when producing the clear ones...that's why they're taking so long and the SAs have no clue why they're not in yet!

    I want mine NOW! :hysteric:
  10. i'm waiting for an SA in Chicago to call me too. i called the 866 a couple of days ago, and the rep tht HOPEFULLY the transparent ring and bracelet will be out by December 1
  11. December 1??? :wtf:
    I can't wait that long!!! :hysteric:
  12. I'm still waiting to get the dumb Speedy keyring for my mom. And I want the ring. Ugh.
  13. Rebecca, your store doesn't even have the white speedy keyring? :Push:
  14. Haha..they did but I got my fuchsia ring instead. Then I went back the next day and it was already gone. I figured I'd be able to get ahold of it again, but no such luck so far. I might have just have my SA order it from another store if they don't get it in soon...
  15. seriously.....i'm so mad and sad....:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:

    also, i would really love it if they continue selling the bracelet GM model....

    the bigger ones are very much nicer than the thin new ones (tpm models):yucky: