Why hasn't anyone purchased a Violette vernis piece so far?

  1. Hi all.

    Nothing in violette vernis has been posted yet. So, I wonder: Is it not as fabulous as previously thought? Are people waiting for the hearts?

    I noticed some things up on eLux today in "violette".
  2. What was available on eluxury in Violette? Do you have to type Violette in the search field, or were they actually in stock?
  3. Reade and Roxbury had "violette" as an option. No picture, though.
  4. I just checked the Roxbury, and now I see it as an option! LV is downright inhumane to withhold a picture. :cursing:
  5. I've seen the violette pieces in the boutiques... i'm not as thrilled with the color as I thought i'd be... i still like the pomme, framboise, and amarante better.
  6. I search "violette" on eLux to check. And just as you said they had the Reade and Roxbury among with other agendas. But sadly, the color was the amarante, not violette.
  7. So true. Even Vuitton.com doesn't have pictures!
  8. I can't wait until they put a picture up of it, I'm dying to see the new color!!
  9. Couldn't agree with you more.

    As Britney said, "Gimme gimme more" (LV) :biggrin:
  10. That's how it was when the amarante first came out ... I guess they are a little slow but will eventually have it up. I know they just like to build the tension and make us want it more ... LOL!
  11. re: subject line, i was soo wondering the same thing!! :biggrin: i expected that since it's been out for at least a day or two that someone on TPF would have bought something by now!! :biggrin: i'm on a 1-year ban so I can't buy anymore LV for a while, so i must live vicariously through the pictures on this forum :yes:
  12. There's a VIOLET line? Oh my! I want to see pics!
  13. Me too! I am dying to see the color!
  14. Saw the color in person today...it's absolutely gorgeous! It's a very grape-ish purple. Much lighter than the amarante and much lighter than the balenciaga violet. It's not quite a pastel purple or a lilac. It's very hard to describe, but very very pretty! I saw the roxbury, reade, and sunset blvd and lots of accessories at the LV in Natick, MA. They only had one sunset blvd if anyone is looking for one!
  15. The Sunset Blvd. sounds amazing! I cannot wait to see that in person.