Why has my Camel Mini Lily been sitting in Atlanta for 2 days?

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  1. Okay all,

    NOTHING is worse than the anticipation of waiting for a bag. I have been tracking my package everyday. Last year I got lucky, when I ordered a bag my FedEx guy was bringing them a day early each week. So when ordered over the weekend and shipped Monday, I was getting them Wed. instead of the Thursday. Well, my lily got to Atlanta Tuesday morning and hasn't moved since. WHY can't it just come already????? The only thing that would be worse is if it was actually at my dist. center and they WAITED to deliver it on Thursday.

    I just hate waiting...
  2. waiting is the worst...but the anticipation of a new bag on the way, ALWAYS makes me giddy as well! Hope you get your bag soon!!! Post pics when you get her. I absolutely LOVE mini Lily in camel....:drool:
  3. What a bummer! I am sorry your new baby is stuck in atlanta. I can't wait to see your pictures when you get her!
  4. aww, that's frustrating :sad: sometimes i only check the tracking info once a day or every other day so that when my shipment is that much closer, i'm excited, lol. think of it as fun & anticipation; you're gonna be so happy once it gets to you!!! a camel mini lily sounds like something reeeally nice to be waiting for too! :smile: please post pics when you get her!