Why has Dooney & Bourke seems to have fallen out of favor with buyers??

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    i love dooney. i own a few! leather is my fav though. i do not like any of the "it" bags! and i only own two signature bags..they are my throw around bags :smile:

    here is my two fav that i own!

    dooney red medium chiara in pebbled leather and my gold bag (forgot the name lol)



    oh also my croco bag the large sara

  2. Your bags are gorgeous specially the red chiara. :nuts: I notice Dooney is beginning to push out more all weather leathers. In that case, I will definitely be giving them another look this fall/winter.

  3. D&B are a crap company! I also bought a white it bag that yellowed after a few years. If you do a search on the internet this is a problem with a lot of of these bags. D&B should fix or replace the bags! Awful customer service! The bags were not cheap D&B.

  4. this is why i do not like the it bags!

    all of them have done that or bubbled.

    i own over 9 dooney bags and have not had one problem..but i own mostly leather bags by them..and all current bags..not the older bags.
  5. ditto.
  6. I am currently craving a black patent large Cindy. Does anyone have it? How do you like it?
  7. I don't like Dooney & Bourke, but I don't hate them. They're kind of just there for me. They were like the cat's meow when, and where, I went to high school in 2001-2005. That might have to do with, too, I remember them being in Teen Vogue a few times, too. It just seemed to me, though, those bags with the colored letters were copying the LV MC line. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed that way to me so I avoided them. I also noticed people had the white verison of the bag it would start off white and then turn yellow.

    I have two funny stories about Dooney & Burke. When I was in high school, I wore a ton of pink and for my sixteen's birthday this girl I used to hang out with gave me a pink Dooney & Bourke bag. It was oddly shaped and had a weird handle. I tried it on and it didn't fit under my arm. Like the bag stuck out so much, my arm wouldn't go completely flat against my body and it was kind of big/heavy to wear as a hand held. So, I thanked her and used it once. It had a multicolor zipper and from ONE day of using the zipper started to loose it's color. Looking back, I feel kinda bad but I threw it out when I got home. When I was 18 or 19, I was running some errands and saw this crossing guard lady who had to be in her 40s at least. Carrying a white Dooney & Bourke bag with the multicolored letters. I wanted to die laughing, but resisted. It just didn't like go in any way.

    Around here, I don't live in a trendy area, every girl/woman high school age and old either has a Dooney & Bourke or a Coach, or both. They're very coveted here. TBH, I think Dooney & Bourke is one of the few brands/designers that really does try to target certain audience and it seems to be working for them. In that the demographic they advertise to is buying it.
  8. ItzBellaDuh I love your bags! They are beautiful!! Did anyone see the Croco bag? Oh I love it. I just got an e-mail today regarding it and I would love to put this one on my wish list.

    cocokitty, your bag zipper was flaking so you threw it out that day? That was crazy? Why didn't you return it? That is just a waste.

    I just got this bag recently and it's even more pretty in person.


  9. your bag is beautiful!!!!

    also it seems the only bags that i keep hearing about with problems/ not like the brand it the it bags/colorful bags.

    it seems everyone is forgetting the other bags that are listed on there site.

    they make more then just it bags and colorful purses!:smile:
  10. Nice bag. :smile: I didn't have the recipt. So, I don't know which store she got it from. I wasn't too thrilled with it, though, in the first place.
  11. Oh, ItzBellaDuh and Pixiestix, I love your bags! :biggrin: I'd give anything for that Red Chiara.

    And ItzBellaDuh I love the vases in your pictures too! Wanna come decorate my house?

  12. my sister used to love their bags but she had SUCH a BAD experience with their customer service department she has never bought another one of their bags even though they have some really cute ones. :sad:
  13. my first designer purse was a Dooney & Bourke!! Actually, it was my mom's. She gave it to me when she decided it was too small. It's one of the logo ones, and it has sentimental value to me. :smile:

  14. I was also a junior in high school when I got it. :smile:
    Senior year, I went to Coach.
    And this year in college, I moved to more "high end" purses like Louis Vuitton. :smile:

    I agree that new styles don't do it much for me, and I will admit that when I saw them at TJ MAXX, I was a little thrown. They just didn't have that same...prestige...that they used to when I was a junior in high school.
  15. I am surprised to see a thread about Dooney & Bourke. Considering they are not as expensive as many of the others. I think as all companies make some I like and some I don't like. But I have to say you can't beat them for durability. A Dooney will last forever.
    Oh yes, and you ladies have some beautiful Dooney bags.