Why Fendi Why


Oct 31, 2006
OK, so I finally brought my Fendi spy bag in black a couple of weeks ago. So, I am happy loving my bag and then yesterday I am on SAKS website and guess what a NEW spy has emerge in dark denim. Why FENDI why:blink: and it is a beautiful. I can't buy another bag just brought the chocolate chloe and my limited for the year is done.


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I generally have not been able to imagine a denim bag existing that I would actually like, but I am swayed.


Noone does denim like Fendi. I always thought denim bags are just so middle-school, ya know? Lacking sophistication. But Fendi convinced me otherwise a while back with a darker denim version of the Mama. I thought it was just a fluke and have never bought into denim since then.

Until now. Have to have! :yes:
i know it pisses us alot when it happens .. but i see that ur choice was great * Black* which is classic and practical .. u cant wrong with it :love:


OMG i love the denim spy :drool: