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  1. OK, so I finally brought my Fendi spy bag in black a couple of weeks ago. So, I am happy loving my bag and then yesterday I am on SAKS website and guess what a NEW spy has emerge in dark denim. Why FENDI why:blink: and it is a beautiful. I can't buy another bag just brought the chocolate chloe and my limited for the year is done.

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  2. don't you hate when this happens ugh!!
  3. OMG that is lovely, this thread ought to be on the Fendi site
  4. I like it. Like the woven leather detail. But it's almost $2,000. Just a little more money and you can get the leather version.
  5. Oop, you posted in General Discussion, the Forum for everything not bag related.
    Please repost in the Fendi Forum.
  6. Moving to FENDI forum
  7. cool love the bag
  8. That is a very pretty bag! :heart:
  9. I generally have not been able to imagine a denim bag existing that I would actually like, but I am swayed.
  10. Ditto.

    Noone does denim like Fendi. I always thought denim bags are just so middle-school, ya know? Lacking sophistication. But Fendi convinced me otherwise a while back with a darker denim version of the Mama. I thought it was just a fluke and have never bought into denim since then.

    Until now. Have to have! :yes:
  11. i know it pisses us alot when it happens .. but i see that ur choice was great * Black* which is classic and practical .. u cant wrong with it :love:


    OMG i love the denim spy :drool:
  12. WOW I love it. It's beautiful. You should not have posted this! I just bought 2 new bags!
  13. gorgeous braiding
  14. EEK. I called Fendi RE: the denim Spy.Im on the list to get it now..LOL! It even may come in this month..argh..Cant wait!!!
  15. wow. this baby is beautiful!!! Crap now it's this or the new Tokyo Squirrel... It will prolly take me another 2 months to decide anyway lol