Why ebay get rid of authentic bags instead of FAKE???


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Jan 2, 2007
Recently I have wondered 5-6 of my listings were removed by reason of brandname misused. I have no idea what was wrong with my auctions. Anyway, truly know that all my items are absolutely authentic :crybaby: .

After loads of mail to trust & safety department I got only links to read and unuseful answer.

At the same time full of fakes are still selling on ebay :wlae: :wlae: .

It is good to set a new policy to protect buyer from replica/fake but ebay needs to have more ability to identify fake items. Not just like pulled authentic and keep fake :Push: .

Now no more selling on ebay. That's enough.

But someone will miss my big bargains :roflmfao: --- Authentic brandname bag with 99p begin and no reserve!


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Sep 3, 2006
I have that happended to me b4. It so stupid. Can't they tell a fake from real, just because I didnt state in auction the word 'Authentic' although i said 'Real'. It was on my bf's account too, not mine. I was worried he'll get mad I got him suspended. So I emailed them and had to provide his ID and receipt of the bag which I had to look high and low for. Lucky I found it!!!!
Aug 14, 2006
I think you have to state in your listing that you are not affiliated with the name brand and that your item is authentic because you had purchased it yourself in the store, etc... You might have to give a brief history of the bag. This is what I gather reading the "rules" awhile back when I was considering selling some of my unused bags, but after hearing all the horror stories from you guys, I think I'll save my bags for my daughters!


Dec 21, 2006
xxxxxxxxx sell our designer sunglasses and handbags on eBay as well as our website, and we had a similar thing happen to us - and we buy directly from the licensed manufacturers! It's all rather annoying when there are obvious fakes being allowed to trade (would you buy a supposedly Prada bag, with a logo saying Prad??!) when those who sell the genuine article, with all proofs of purchase, have their listings removed. Common sense doesn't seem to prevail with eBay at times...

please DO NOT post your business name/website anymore, it's NOT permitted!


Jul 6, 2006
omg i had my bf's eBay account suspended too!!!! cause they said it was linked to my other account!! i got so angry, emailed them so many times and they sent me this stupid form i had to fill out, and by the time all that cleared up it got suspended again cause i had auctions that had finished just b4 they suspended it the first time round and i couldn't contact the buyers or anything, couldn't get their mailing addresses so they filed alerts which suspended the account again PERMANATELY!!! GRRR it put me through so much trouble it wasn't funny...sometimes i srsly hate eBay


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Mar 6, 2006
Oh, and you know that paypal will suspend and keep your money for the auction if you can't provide for them a letter or reciept from the manufactor that an item is authentic! I once sold a few of my bags on ebay and I didn't have the reciepts (bought them from very reputable ebay sellers) after the buyers and I finished our transaction and I shipped the bag, I went to transfer the money to my bank account. The next day I went to check the status and to my surprise my account was on limited access. I did everything to prove to them I am who I am but they say that I was linked to another account I was like WTF another account! They said that they link accounts by name and address, but this friggen person lives in another state!!!!! I was so pissed off, so after weeks of harrasing them I get an email that my account would be reactivated if I could prove that the bags I sold were authentic!!!! I had reciepts for some, but for the big bags I got from the resellers I didn't. Those bastards asked me to get a letter from the manufator that the bags were authentic!!! How am I supposed to call louis vuitton and chanel and say hey I need a letter from you stating my bag is authentic when I already shipped the bag!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so pissed! I still am pissed.



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Mar 1, 2006
Sometimes I wonder if the fake bag sellers are complaining to Ebay, giving some stupid excuse to pull our auctions. I once had an auction cancelled by a person using a fake user id, that supposed bought like 100 bags that day.


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May 7, 2006
Sometimes I wonder if the fake bag sellers are complaining to Ebay, giving some stupid excuse to pull our auctions. I once had an auction cancelled by a person using a fake user id, that supposed bought like 100 bags that day.

yep, that's exactly what my DH thinks is happening too :hysteric:...i'm sure lots of these fake sellers are in cahoots together & are trying to bring the legitimate sellers down (i've even had one of them threaten me once)...and the worst part is that e-bay doesn't even know the difference...i've spent 7 long years building up my pristine reputation there, obeyed all their rules & treated the site with honesty & integrity and what do i get in return?!?!...pulled listings on my authentic bags & a restricted account!!! :rant:


Oct 13, 2006
OMG aaallabama, I am going through same thing. I wish there was another venue to sell authentic items. Ebay pulled 10 auctions of mine last night. I am afraid to relist for fear of being suspended. I think it might be fakers reporting authentic things. It sucks.