why dont you like the bucket/marias bags?

  1. I have noticed a lot of you really dont :yucky: like the shape of the bucket. I want to know why?:confused1: What is it about the shape that you dont like?:shrugs:

    Im trying to decide between the saleya, damier or mono bucket. I know we are all entitled to our own likes & dislikes...theres probably a lot of you who like this shape BUT I just want to get the feedback from those who dont....just incase Im missing something.:shame:
  2. I dont like bucket bags (regardless of label) because I think the design is so boring.
  3. lol. i, for one, really dont like the shape of the bucket. i think it looks weird. and it doesnt appeal me. but its a personal preference thing.
  4. I´ve never liked the Bucket because I find the shape old fashionned & weird(but it´s my opinion,I respect Bucket lovers).
    The only one I like is the Bucket Franges (limited edition of this summer) because it was colourful & young.

    It depends on taste...;)
  5. I haven´t said I don´t like it and there was a thread about the bucket shape and a lot of others like it too. I have no problems with buckets.
  6. I personally disliked the Bucket since i bought my first one last week, the Mini Lin bucket..now i'm in love with this bag!
  7. I love buckets! Especially the bucket 27 (GM). It is so gorgeous! IRL it is truly eye catching. It's definitely my favorite bucket style.
  8. I like the look, but it wasn't functional for me. I'm finding that I like wider, rather than taller, bags.
  9. i don't like the large bucket, but the smaller one is fine. either way i'd never buy one because they don't close, and they aren't functional for me.
  10. Because it looks like a bucket ! I'd rather my bag look like a bag instead. :yes:

  11. agree.and it's boring and old fashioned.IMO.sorry.LV has a lot of shapes and sizes to choose from and bucket didn't catch my eye.
  12. the only Bucket bag i remotely like is the Multico Franges one. the other regular Buckets just don't appeal to me. nobody really wants a bag that really looks like a Bucket :yucky:
  13. I like the way they look, but they are too open for me. I like a bag that closes.
  14. I don't prefer open top bags. I would be too worried about the contents spilling out.
  15. I never liked the look until I saw one in person on someone while I was getting groceries. The open top looked so convenient, as she was getting her shopping list out, answering her phone, getting gum out for the kids, etc. I was hooked and actually went and got one less than a week later. It's great when you're digging for your wallet, and you can just drop stuff in it without having to put down your bag to unzip. The only problem I have with it now is the double strap. One seems to slide off quite often. But for an everyday bag that can take a little more abuse and is EASY for a busy mom to access everything, I would recommend it. You just have to try one on. I got the large one. Even though it's open at the top, nothing ever falls out of mine because it's so tall. And if your phone rings while you're driving, it's easy to get to. (time to take a breath now) It's definitely not going to appeal to everyone. But, I can see how the style is still around today because of all the ease of function. Plus, you can easily fit a change of clothes for the kids in there along with your wallet, etc.