Why don't we have "clubs" like the LV forum?

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  1. I think its cute to have a roll call for owners of certain styles or colors.

    we can represent for our collections. :supacool: :roflmfao:
  2. yeah, we should have one!
  3. Someone suggested that a while ago in the feedback part of tPF...

    It would be great. We could have clubs like Rouge Vif Club, Ink Club, '03 Club, '04 Club, Box Club, Coin Purse Club, Boobie Club, Metallics, etc. etc... :P

    We used to have like an ink club and pewter club, but they got lost a long time ago.
  4. GREAT idea!!!!! i love it!!
  5. I like that idea. I also wish we had a *place for fakes* like the LV board does. It's a lot of fun to look at the really bad fakes. I read that thread all the time. It's hilarious.:P
  6. Great , I love both ideas. If they're not pinned or have extraspace they just get lost.
  7. A BOOBIE CLUB!:yahoo:
  8. ITA. Next to searching for bags, spotting really bad fakes is my favorite pastime.:P
  9. no worries, girls. MiMi and helen have been looking into this so we'll see them in no time;)
  10. This is going to be sooo fun!
    I really hope the admins give it the green light!