Why don't we have a Holiday Gift Exchange?

  1. I was on the Coach and Louis Vuitton forums and they had holiday gift exchanges. That sounds like fun!
  2. This crowd never does these things. . . I don't know why.
    I personally don't participate because the few times I have there's been major drama w/ people agreeing to do it and then not holding up their end of the bargain. . .
    Anyone is welcome to coordinate that in here though, or a RAOK.
  3. I don't usually participate in these things because somebody won't hold up their end of the bargain & someone always get their feelings hurt
    Several years ago, I got my feelings hurt on my job & I have stopped with that gift exchange stuff because of it. (That guy should never have put his name in the box if he wasn't going to play.... oh, look, I'm starting to pout again.....):sad:
  4. SEE!?!?! It always results in hard feelings. . . I'd just rather not play and stay happy! LOL!
  5. Tis better to come here enjoy the company, share information and pics, discuss our ideas and offer support to members who have had a theft or something not so fun occur as opposed to doing gift exchanges and risk having a buzz kill.

    The folks who deserve a heap of appreciation are those that authenticate. To me they are priceless, our unsung heroes. Many thanks to the crew!
  6. I TOTALLY concur!!!!
    Our few 'experts' are essential to this Forum!!!:woohoo:
  7. Yes, I agree. For lack of better words, people can be really cheap sometimes. I think many people do not realize the time and $ investment in gift exchange/ROAK. I don't participate in them because I have been burned as well.
  8. and it's hardly "random" when it's so well planned, yes?
    Does anyone else notice that?

    I do think it's great that people do this, don't get me wrong, it's just not right for me personally.
    I'd rather actually do a TRUE RAOK to someone I choose and whom deserves it rather than someone planning on me doing it and me expecting something in return.
  9. :tup::tup:

    I totally agree!