Why don't they.... ZEBRA?

  1. Why don't they make a mini skinny to match this and this collection. Even the small wallets wouldn't fit into the swingpack or pouch. I love this!!!
    Zebra swingpack.jpg
  2. I don't understand why either. Especially with this unique pattern on a Swingpack they should make something small enough to fit in.:rolleyes:
  3. Im actually really surprised they didnt.:shame:
  4. I would LOVE a mini skinny, too. I've had my eye on that swingpack(hopefully it will still be around for next PCE) and I usually use mini skinnies to slip in that front pocket.
    I was planning on getting this skinny but I haven't seen the two greens in real life to know if they match. Does anyone else know?
  5. I've been wishing for this since I first saw the bag. I also have a zebra haircalf duffle that I would love to have a mini-skinny for!
  6. That's my favorite swingpack!

    I was thinking about getting it for my next trip to Florida. It would be great for amusement parks.

    I am also surprised that Coach doesn't have a mini skinny that would match the Zebra. I would think it could be a big seller! :graucho:
  7. I guess I could use just a plain black, but that is no fun!
  8. I know I love this pattern.
  9. they shouldve expanded the zebra for this season. the ballet flats are super cute too!
  10. they probably thought it may not sell too well green/zebra print and all...maybe if it sells, they'll release the matching accesories