Why don't they know?????????

  1. Grrr, I just phoned LV customer service here in the UK, and they didn't seem to have a clue about the Groom Bandana. :shrugs: It's so annoying, because I wanted to put my name down for one, does anyone know if this is just specific to one part of the world? I know they have done things like that before????
  2. US LV 866 number has no info even on the groom line!
  3. Well..this was supposed to be one of their "secret" collections along with the Damier Azur line but people found out ahead of time.
    So if you go into the store and talk to an SA they really can't lie and say it doesn't exist because most of them know it does...but they do want to keep SOME mystery for those who call the 866 number and just ask about limited lines etc.
  4. UK LV customer services don't have much of a clue about anything, you will need to go to a store to put your name down where is your nearest?
  5. ^^ I agree
  6. how much is the bandana ?
  7. Estimation price: $140 USD & $111 USD in all LV stores. :wlae:

    I'm taking that the bandeau will be $111 and the bandana will be $140? :shrugs: