Why don't SAs fill in the back of the authenticity cards?

  1. Why don't SAs fill in the back of the authenticity cards?

    Anyone know? It would take about 12 seconds, make it easier for us to keep track of our bags, make it easier for them to look up where and when someone bought their bag...it just seems so silly, my Dior SA has NEVER filled mine in -- why is it even there if SAs don't use it?
  2. i guess they just couldnt be bothered....:sad:
  3. ^ yeah, same with the prada cards. but i guess they do when you ask for it...
  4. yea but that makes me feel like me or anyone else could fill it in and it doesnt mean jack
  5. mine are not filled in as well.
  6. Out of all of the bags that I have the ONLY one that has a card thats filled in is an old prada. that is funny that Dior doesn't take the time to do it anymore... Do you think that they will fill it out if you ask them to?
  7. how funny, i never thought about it. I have one old dior that they scrawled "Saks" on really fast, but that's it.
  8. The ones I got from Paris were filled. US SAs don't bother. I guess it doesn't mean much anyway.
  9. my SA fills up the authenticity cards for me, but i find that whether a card is filled in or not doesn't really bother me much.
  10. They probably don't fill it our anymore because everything is computerized now. So, I think our serial numbers are in their system and they know where we purchased it. That's how my SA at one boutique knew I purchased something else at another.
  11. ^^ too true! i was carrying my gold gaucho when browsing the store (which i had bought my gaucho from) and even though my regular SA wasn't around, i saw the other SA look up the system and scarily enough, she knew who i was and even greeted me "hi miss ____". was pleasantly surprised by that. :yes:
  12. but only the store has the stamp...
  13. To Dior's SA's defense, Dior stopped using fill in the blank authenticity cards three-four years ago and phased in generic silver cards with no where to sign. Word is that there will not be any more authenticity cards for bags in the near future seeing that our bags alone speak for themselves and not a cheap plastic silver card (those are faked too). Lady Dior is right about the computerization of Dior Boutiques. If we are not too busy we ask every customer for their information to keep on file, but it's up to you if you want to give that or not. If we as SA forget to ask you for your information , please ask to be added to our data base ( it only takes a second of our time).

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