Why Dont people read listings before purchase

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  1. In all my listings I state I only ship to the US. I also say please have a confirmed address on paypal.So I actually sold 2 items today after a dry spell of selling only to have to cancel both transactions One was out of the US the other an unconfirmed address making the transaction not fully covered by paypal.So disappointing that you finally get a sale only to have to cancel
  2. I think some people just take things for granted and maybe want to try their luck. I always ask if the seller is willing to ship overseas to Singapore before I bid.

    So sorry that these 2 unhappy incidents happen to you.
  3. I know, really annoying! But there's a way so that only people from the US will see the listing. I know how to do it but not off the top of my head, i'd have to see the screen. but if you chat with someone on ebay, they can tell you so you won't have that problem!
  4. If you go to the shipping options and choose "US only shipping" it will automatically block non-US buyers. Your listings will not show on any of the international sites and it will not allow international buyers to bid.

    If, for whatever reason, you want to allow an international buyer (I have "regulars" that I will allow on my listings), you can add them to an exemption list so they can bid.

    Hope that helps!
  5. This happened to me recently... a girl from Canada bid on my US only auction without contacting me and then asked me to lower the declared amount on customs. After she gets the bag, she has the nerve to complain about something that is clearly listed in the auction... I ended up refunding her $25 even though I don't find her complaints valid. It's people like that who really take advantage of the buyer protection plan... gah.
  6. ^^ That is quite possibly one of the most annoying things- especially when they're not supposed to bid in the first place.

    People will definitely be taking more advantage of the buyer protection plan, IMO. However, I am becoming more convinced by the day that partial refunds should be avoided if at all possible- for those without valid complaints, it seems to reinforce bad behavior. Yes, there certainly are situations when the item may be a little more worn than indicated but the buyer loves it, etc. etc. but normally it's just a ploy to get a discount from my experience (and reading others').

    Overall, I think reading auction listings is often overlooked by buyers or they just skim the listings. I don't see how that's a seller's fault. :shrugs:
  7. A lot of people don't read and it's annoying. Not only do they not read, they also don't look at pictures. It's either lazy, stupid or both.
  8. ^^ :roflmfao: Agreed! Why on earth would you buy something without reading?!
  9. ^^ you'd be surprised!!! But we sell in a multicultural world and sometimes people buying do not have English as a first language. This doesn't make them bad buyers, but it does make it harder for them to read details if they are relying on High School English or having to use a grammar translator!!!

    I sell internationally and I love doing it. I have great buyers from all over the world. I do get a few crazies, but that's how it goes. As mentioned by miumiuisfab, I wrote a small guide on how to screen out some of them. Selling internationally isn't that hard once you learn how to do it.
  10. There is a box to Block Bidders from Countries to Which I Don't Ship.

    That's the one you need to use.

    Now, bidders have been know to register in the USA and not live here. Some having shipping addresses here and others are skirting ebay policy.
  11. Yup. Just happened to me. If you have a rule where you block all international bidders automatically it should be pretty easy to catch when they pay with Paypal.

    I think the fact that they're allowed to do this is just wrong.
  12. Both. They even too lazy (or too stupid) to scroll down the page to see more pictures!