Why Don't More People Have Purses?

  1. I was paging through the b-bag family thread and noticing that there just aren't that many people who own purses? Why is that? I have never seen one in person so I don't know what they feel like. I heard one SA say they are uncomfortable. Is that true? Or is it because they don't have a shoulder strap?
  2. I have always wondered also. I just ordered my first Purse in blueberry! I definitly want more.
  3. Im not sure why. I really think they are cute!
  4. Oooo..where did you buy it? I think the blueberry is pretty.
  5. you girls can always buy me one.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I have a white purse on the way, which I just won on eBay 2 days ago. I can't wait. I've never seen it in person, either, but it looks like a cute style. I like that it can be worn on the shoulder.
  7. I am also curious as to where you found the blueberry purse. :smile: I had looked for one awhile back but they were sold out. :crybaby:
  8. I have a rogue vif purse. It is more comfortable to be carried on the shoulder in comparison to the city. and it looks more feminine IMO.
  9. I just PMed you both!
  10. i haven't seen a purse in perseon yet, but really hope to. I just might fall in love w/ it... But from the pictures of other Pfers, the purse really does look awesome!
  11. I've never seen a purse IRL but I prefer other styles over the purse.
  12. there arent that many of them in general-also Balenciaga didnt make the purse style for a few seasons...
  13. I had one and returned it. It fit over my shoulder but not with a coat and I really like to have options with my bags.

  14. What color was it?
  15. Grenat